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Journey of Return — to solve the meaning of life Fox - A blog about Apple 18.03.2017 at 10:00

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The Game: Journey of Return | Free | Universal application | Install

Journey of Return is a quality, simple and incredibly beautiful puzzle game from indie developers from MoMoGame. Everything in the game is implemented this way to try to relax the player and to ward off any negativity, meditative music, beautiful and peaceful scenery, and most significantly, free access.

the Main character of the game is the Fox, and it is located in the project Journey of Return in order to find the meaning of his own existence. The problem is very complex and requires considerable intellectual and spiritual quest. That is why our ginger protagonist will slowly explore different locations, contemplating their beauty, explore local flora and look for peace.

can only figure out what kind of tasks allotted to the player. The significance of the game is very important: each object at the location to which you will approach the Fox, is a new level that requires intellectual resources. Game locations resemble chess, and the game process — logic Board game "corners".

That is on the playing field are scattered pieces, and one of them will be in color to be different from others. Our goal is to move chips on the field so that one of them eventually reached the final destination. It is very important to note that the chips can not move to the neighboring cells just like that, the only way they move is jumping over adjacent tiles.

With each new location in game process will be introduced new elements. For example, walls, restricting the movement of chips the yellow button that opens the cave entrance, or portal, allows you to very quickly from one end of the field to get to the other. That is, the developers of MoMoGame quite thoroughly called his creation a full-fledged puzzle game with high replay value because the gameplay is constantly changing, setting player brand new task.

Title: Journey of Return

Publisher/developer: MoMoGame

Price: Free

in app purchases: No

Compatibility: Universal app

Link: Set