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Apple news 199 issue: the success of HomeKit, a new iPhone and iPad - A blog about Apple 19.03.2017 at 16:00

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We Present to your attention 199th edition news program "news Apple"! Today we talk about the release of its iPad, iPhone and more! Pleasant viewing!

1. In recent times Apple has begun to actively promote its platform of "smart home" HomeKit company even contracts with the market leaders of the property to past sold houses are already preloaded with the system for home control with iPhone or iPad. One system HomeKit manages approximately in 2,5 thousand dollars. At the moment, the practice of selling homes with HomeKit distributed only in the U.S., but on plans already announced, the company engaged in real estate in Germany.

2. Despite the fact that after the iPhone 5s release, Apple actively encouraged developers to move to 64-bit architecture, not all heeded her pleas. Currently, App Store has 187,000 programs not adapted to the new processors, and apparently, they live is not long. After the release of iOS 11, Apple will simply remove them from the App Store.

3. Eminent jailbreaker and expert in the field of information security Jonathan Zdziarski joined the Apple team. The main direction in which he will work, will work on improving security and reducing vulnerabilities in iOS. In his time Jonathan found several critical vulnerabilities in the system which could be used by intelligence agencies.

4. Sales of the iPad new generation can begin as early as next week, reports Bloomberg, citing informed sources. According to the publication, in Cupertino do not plan to devote a separate release event because of the insignificance of the upcoming updates.

As in the case of some MacBook models, the manufacturer can refuse to conduct presentations, updating only hardware devices. An indirect confirmation of this is the lack of hints of the coming event.

typically, Apple has sent out invitations no later than 11 days. So, for example, about the spring event of 2015, we learned on February 26 and the official data on last year's presentation appeared on March 10.

This theory, however, does not coincide with the forecast analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, according to which, in Cupertino are preparing to present at least three models of the iPad. Among them, the expert believes, will include the innovative 10.5-inch model and available replacement iPad Air.

5. The next generation iPhone can beat the current record of the popularity of set iPhone 7, predicts a leading analyst of consulting company Loup Ventures. According to a research, every fourth user of the iPhone is ready to "move" on the anniversary model, if it will live up to their expectations. Last year the rate of interest in novelty, for comparison, was equal to only 15%.

an Important aspect of the study is its timeliness. Despite the fact that until the release of the new iPhone is more than six months, it is already experiencing increased interest. Most likely the matter in the grandeur of the upcoming updates. One of the most anticipated innovations of the smartphone is curved display from edge to edge. On the second place in demand located built-in wireless charging. Least potential owners of the new iPhone are interested in productivity growth and increase the resolution of the display.

6. Apple is considering an alternative method of placing the scanner Touch ID, which allows its integration with the Apple logo on the back of the smartphone. This is evidenced by obnarodovany materials of patent documents.

the Basic idea of the invention consists in expanding the functionality of the fingerprint scanner, which, according to the patent, will also be able to perform the role of a heart rate monitor or any other biometric sensor that requires direct contact with the skin of the user.

in addition to the obvious functional load, this type of embed Touch ID will allow engineers to increase the usable area of the display without damage to the control elements of the smartphone. This may be particularly relevant in the light of rumors about the upcoming release of the iPhone with the organic matrix from edge to edge.