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What is the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be better than iPhone 7 - A blog about Apple 19.03.2017 at 19:00

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The IPhone was not the first smartphone that supports slow motion video, but definitely made the greatest contribution to the spread of this function. Today to shoot slo-mo is every flagship smartphone, but none of them will be able to remove it as this will make the Samsung Galaxy S8.

As reported by the media, the camera is the next generation smartphone from Samsung will be able to record video at an astounding 1000 frames per second. For comparison, the modern smartphone Apple iPhone 7, able to perform only a slow motion of 240 frames per second.

the more framerate, the more slow and smooth turns videos. It seems that the camera of the new smartphone from Samsung can even record the flight of the bullet or allow details to see, as a burst balloon.

For clarity, we show you two time-lapse shooting: the first shot in 1000 frames per second with the camera Redlake N3 and the second to 240 frames per second iPhone on 7. Notice the difference?