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German scientists have developed a smart tattoo

IGeek — news of high technologies 19.03.2017 at 08:32

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The Team from the United States and Germany made a unique ultra-thin electronic chip which will allow you to make smart tattoo. People will have to click on a location on the skin, which is enough for running one or another function, for example, turning on the light or TV.

Called these tattoos will SkinMarks, as reported by researchers of the University of Zahara, located in Germany. Experts have previously done a variety of electronic gadgets, but the idea is to connect the system with the human skin has not previously been put forward by anyone. The developers say that tattoos are temporary.

not to accidentally activate functions, it is possible to program particular gestures with a smartphone, they can be changed. SkinMarks is made in conjunction with Google employees. While the experts investigate how harmful to the skin will be the use of such tattoos.