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Ukrainian Chronicles of chaos

Make Russia warm again! 19.03.2017 at 13:07

Make Russia warm again! -

Every day from the Ukraine come disturbing news. Some strange masked men block something and require. Across the country a mess. Any bum can wear a mask, get a gun and go to defend their rights. That was the Maidan?

01. Yesterday the amber digger in balaclavas blocked the highway to the Polish border! No, this is not a joke! That is, people involved in illegal mining, something they need... You just look at them!

02. "Their demands they call the resolution on the unimpeded extraction of amber and the release of 43-year-old resident of the village of klesiv, involved in the riots during which a police officer was injured", — informs the press service of the police.

03. By evening, the track is still unblocked, but the protesters promised that they will block her again, if by Monday the Ukrainian authorities do not legalize the production and smuggling of amber. I wonder how the officials will react.

04. Well, about the main blockade you know. In late January, a group of former members of the military operation in the Donbass was blocked by freight rail traffic with uncontrolled Kiev territory of Donbass.

05. They stated that, in their opinion, any trade with the breakaway republics is illegal, and all carried out the transport of goods are smuggled.

06. Because of the blockade on Ukraine has ceased to flow anthracite for work CHP.

07. The President first called for an end to the blockade, and then suddenly it was headed. He recently signed the agreement on the cessation of freight traffic with the Donbas.

08. Experts are already preparing forecasts of economic losses. According to rough estimates, the country will monthly lose 2-4 billion, GDP will fall by 3-5%, and the dollar will rise to 32 hryvnia (now he is 26 USD).

09. But there is entertainment and smaller... this season it has become fashionable to block branches of Russian banks.

10. First, some chavs had laid the blocks "Sberbank" in Kiev...

11. And yesterday, another "Sberbank" bricked in Ternopil.

12. Radicals "Right sector", "National corpus" and "Falcon" painted Windows, doors, and signage using cans, hastily laid bricks the entrance to the office and promised not to stay at the "peaceful protest" if the work of the Bank in Ukraine will not be terminated.

13. "We are trying to close this Bank since last year," says the local head of the "National body". In his opinion, Russian business on the territory of Ternopil region should be prohibited.

14. A "colleague" from the "Right sector" adds: "Today we came to the conclusion that we need proactive". These words mean that the nationalists will simply crush the Ternopil branch of the savings Bank, if it will not close officially.

15. That is today in Ukraine some bonehead sweatpants decide who will work and who is not. What Bank or store to close, and what let it work.

16. Not the police or Parliament, but the real chavs of 18 years. And there's nothing anyone can do.

17. "Savings" would be good to close all branches, until the authorities provide the procedure. And let 1 million of private Bank customers and 5,000 corporate something blocking.

18. In addition to "Sberbank" has suffered more and "Alfa-Bank". On March 14, supporters of the economic blockade of Donbass pelted the office with stones and firecrackers. It ended the fights with the security forces and tear gas.

19. Even earlier in the center of Odessa poured red paint on the front door of the branch "Prominvestbank". The walls of the building are unknown scribbled the graffiti "Death to Russian banks", "burn in hell", "the Invaders", "Close!".

20. This is not the only way of dealing with Russian banks. A few days ago about two dozen of ATO soldiers in camouflage uniforms broke into the building of the Kyiv city Council and demanded the deputies to adopt a resolution supporting the complete cessation of economic relations with Russia.

21. They promised not to let anyone out until all the deputies will not vote for them pleasing solution. The deputies obeyed.

22. The nationalist party "Freedom" staged all this, said: "the Kyiv community has spoken: "Sberbank", VTB and other Russian banks, gas stations, companies now are not perceived by residents and are officially redundant on the streets of Kiev! Now every resident of Kiev can require the closure of the Russian companies have in the yard or on the street!"

23. Or here is another case, this time in Cherkassy. Activists of "Right sector" and "Azov" came to the session of the city Council blocked the rostrum and in the end fought with deputies.

24. Thus, the activists expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that the deputies, according to them, stolen budget. One of them shouted that the city's leadership is garbage that should be burned at the stake.

25. Not necessarily to break into the administration building if you don't like the policy of the authorities. Some activists are simply practicing the incineration of tires under the Windows of the offices of government officials. For example, when the riot police detained several dozen people took part in the blockade of Donbass.

26. Anyway, judging by the news reports, Ukraine lately not very safe. The media often published the news that during the different demonstrations and acts of memory, the police confiscated some of the townspeople stun grenades, firecrackers, hunting knives and converted under martial signal pistols.

27. Recently, the assistant Deputy unknown passer-by was shot in the leg. Another was the news that a Deputy had been robbed and beaten. And the other burned the car.

28. In Kharkov yesterday, a grenade was thrown to the pharmacy. In Kiev, too, a few days earlier, someone threw a grenade in the shop (although as it turned out, this was not a shop, and underground casinos).

29. And unknown recently set fire to a door at the Ukrainian Institute of national memory.

30. Such incidents occur very often.

31. By the way, Ukrainian activists hate not only Russia. Not long ago the target of new attacks was Poland. For example, vandals in Lviv region recently poured paint and graffitied signs SS Polish memorials.

32. A couple of weeks earlier the members of the public initiative "Black Board" hung a portrait of Bandery on the fence of the Polish Embassy in Kiev.

33. The participants explained that the cause of action were, in their opinion, frankly "anti-Ukrainian" statements of the highest officials of Poland, "which, in the form of an ultimatum demanding from Ukraine to renounce the glorification of Stepan Bandera". And the poles just asked them to choose between nationalism and European future.

34. The poles have their own reasons not to love Bandera (it is worth to recall arranged by Bandera Volyn massacre, which killed 30 to 40 thousand poles). It is not surprising that they are concerned about the current situation in Ukraine.

35. And Ukrainian activists like to smash exhibition (just like in Russia!).

36. A victim of the Ukrainian radicals was the artist David Chichkan, which was presented in Kiev the exhibition, entitled "Lost opportunities" on the effects of Euromaidan.

37. Unknown broke the furniture in the showroom, ruining the artist's work, and daubed the walls with the inscriptions "Servant separable", "Mouthpiece of Moscow" and "Glory to Ukraine".

38. And when it became known that to represent Russia at "Eurovision" will be Julia Samoylova, Ukrainian activists immediately dug up information that she, without the permission of Ukraine came to Crimea and demanded to keep her in the competition.

39. And this rigmarole every day!

40. Okay, actually in this post I have collected different message from mass media, Ukrainian and Russian. To be honest, I'm not watching this circus. Ukrainians will understand. But I have got a lot of beautiful photos of Vanuatu, and I would like to see more people. So I had to go to such an experiment. Oh and I want to see how many people not finish the post until the end, and runs to write a comment ;)

41. I'm sure the comments will be fun!

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