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Shades of blue

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Watch movies online movies TV series free with no ads in great HD quality

In one part of new York, which oversees police, led by Lieutenant Wozniak, crime is almost eradicated, but not the legitimate means, the police just cleaned the whole criminal business. "Roof" covering for drug dealers, fences and other violators of the law for a small percentage. Detective Harley Santos is a single mother, where fair wages are not enough to ensure that the daughter went to a prestigious school, so she, along with other cops tied in black Affairs of his boss. During the next crawl of possession for the purpose of receiving regular tribute Santos fall for the bait of the special Department of the FBI, in exchange for the restoration of reputation and freedom Harley offered to become a mole in a private area. The choice before the detective story is a challenging opportunity to be with my daughter, on the one hand, and the betrayal of those people whom it is still morning called "family" on the other.

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