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Black sails

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Watch movies online movies TV series free with no ads in great HD quality

1715. The Golden age - the peak of piracy in the Caribbean sea. The island of the former British colony of new Providence is a lawless territory, controlled by the most famous pirate captains in history. The most feared among them is captain flint.

But the British fleet returns in these waters, threatening to destroy flint and his team. Driven deep, complex, even romantic motifs, flint becomes an ally with the formidable Eleanor Guthrie daughter of the local kingpin, which makes the extraction of the pirates in profit. Together they create a plan, hunting for the top award, having won that, they would stop the seizure of their homes and ensure their survival.

They are opposed by a number of rivals: the rival captain, envious of the power of flint, Eleanor's father, whose ambitions on the island lead to conflict with his daughter and a young sailor, John silver, recently adopted in the crew of flint, which somehow manages to constantly thwarting his captain.

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