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Weekly analysis - Definition of trend potential - Weekly review. S&P500;, oil, gold

FreshForex news RSS 23.03.2017 at 22:00

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Monthly graph: the picture is absolutely not changed. Continue to build momentum ADX continues the oscillator forms a divergence, still not finalized the upper weekly Bollinger band (2427.6). We are left with something to try to look on the lower timeframes.

Weekly chart: we confirm strong resistance in the zone 2427.6 (upper Bollinger band). Both the review of the indicator are in extreme areas, which contributes to the beginning of the pullback.

Daily chart: there are already the first signs of a turn down, but I would not hurry with the sales - too pronounced while growing the upper weekly Bollinger band. On this basis, we can assume that there will be another rebound from the 2348.6 (lower Bollinger band)

Idle: therefore expect a decrease in the area 2348.6 and then bounce up in the direction 2427.6

Trade solutions:

1. Sales area 2348.6

2. Buying from 2348.6 to 2427.6 (subject to signal up in the area 2348.6)

3. Offer applications for sale in the area 2427.6

Oil "Brent"

Monthly chart: waiting for test zone 48.79 (middle Bollinger band). This support zone protects the oil from falling to the bottom of the envelope where, in turn, will be the risk of overall medium-term drop towards $ 35 per barrel (lower Bollinger band).

Weekly chart: a local accumulation potential within the range of the envelopes Bollinger (36.20-60.77). Note the strong dip in the lower envelope, which adds dynamics to further reduce.

Daily chart: a more localized range 50.61-54.59 (lower envelope Bollinger), where, probably, will be the nearest trading week.

Wait: so, we wait for the flat in the corridor 50.61-54.59

Trade solutions:

1. Sale 50.61

2. Buying from 50.61 to 54.59

3. Limit orders to sell from the area 54.59


Monthly chart: no reasons to change the tendency to rotation rates in the zone of moderate Bollinger (1195.07). Envelopes Bollinger stable, ADX dropping.

Weekly chart: note the trading range within Bollinger bands (1122.00-1295.15)

Daily chart: a more localized corridor 1195.07-1262.49. And we can see the local bear pattern Over&Under; in the area of 1248.50. If you start working out down under this setup, we demonstrated the potential to reduce under support 1195.07.

otherwise, we will see a rise to 1262.49.


the Main scenario - growth to the area 1248.50 and then start lowering towards 1195.07

an Alternative scenario is a break above 1248.50 and touch 1262.49.

Trade solutions:

1. Sales from the zone 1248.50 with stops above 1262.49 and take profit 1195.07