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Nuclear deterrence: trump behaves like a bull in a China shop

News :: - All about 19.03.2017 at 19:36

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Around the Korean Peninsula is rapidly tied the knot, to untie which it is not known how. In response to the threat North Korea launches missile towards Japan, the President of trump decides to place South Korea's missile defense system THAAD. Technical features of the complex are such that threaten to devalue missile Beijing in case of an attack on China. THAAD is aimed at the destruction of missiles with a range of 3.5 thousand kilometers at altitudes of up to 200 kilometers. The location of the system in South Korea has already begun. The Americans are doing it offhand, spur of the moment, not taking into account the concerns of neighboring countries in the region — China or Russia. In addition, the US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley declares that America does not want to return to the six-party talks on the nuclear program of North Korea. The six — party talks are still the only diplomatic and effective platform of cooperation between Russia, China, USA, Japan and the two Koreas — North and South. If the US leave it, no negotiating tool with Pyongyang remains. While Donald trump calls North Korea a "threat number one" and while in Seoul, Secretary of state Tillerson makes a statement that the United States consider a military solution to the North Korean problem. Moreover — and this is a sensation — in an interview with Fox News channel, Tillerson did not rule out the possibility of "equipping allies with nuclear weapons" to deter the aggression of North Korea. How to understand this? Alarming allies in the region two: South Korea and Japan. They are going to equip with nuclear weapons? If so, then, firstly, it certainly is a violation of the current Treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. Article the first reads: "Each state party to this Treaty, the nuclear weapon, undertakes not to transfer to anyone nuclear weapons or other explosive nuclear devices, as well as control over such weapons or explosive devices directly or indirectly: and in any way assist, encourage or induce any state not possessing nuclear weapons to produce or acquire in any other way nuclear weapons." The agreement, signed simultaneously in Moscow and Washington on 1 July 1968 and ratified synchronously in the 1970s, still is the cornerstone of global nuclear security. If the U.S. is ready now to abandon it, then things have to change. Just imagine that China and Moscow would reciprocate and give nuclear weapons to those who feel a threat from the outside, for example, US. Who would that be? Venezuela or Cuba? Mexico or Iran? Who will be equipped to answer? And to say that does not threaten America at all and not mean it. Anyway, in the meantime, States behave dangerously, like a bull in a China shop, without feeling restricted something and someone. Meanwhile, China in response South Korea is already hosting the American missile defense system THAAD stopped in this country visits organized groups of tourists canceled and between countries all aircraft charters. For South Korea, this decision is very painful for the Chinese tourism means to the country, even much more than Turkey, Russian. The Chinese in South Korea were the most numerous group of foreign tourists. As a second step, the China in fact closes on its territory a large network of Korean supermarkets under the brand name LOTTE. The formal reason is violation of fire safety rules and something else from the same series. But everyone understands why this is so. In addition, China has virtually stopped buying Korean cosmetics, sweets and yoghurt, to invite South Korean pop stars, put in my South Korean company Samsung in the regime of continuous inspections and, of course, turned all military cooperation with South Korea. In Beijing say that this is just the beginning. Meanwhile, the US President wrote in his Twitter post unhappy in China. "North Korea very bad behavior. They play with US. China, little has been done to assist," said trump. I somehow think that Twitter in dealing with China — it is the wrong style though, because far from so valued in Chinese calligraphy. This time. And the two — China is not a country that can from overseas to manage the scraps of Twitter phrases. From ancient China — its rhythm, its own beat and, of course, their dignity. As a well-mannered girl will not turn out for the whistle, and Beijing didn't let on that his address was a tweet. Or America decides to insist? Anyway, China is actively modernizing its currently the largest army in the world. Now there are two million people. In the near future will be dismissed from it 300 thousand, but the emphasis is on new military technology and increasing mobility. So, the marine corps increased five times — from 20 thousand to a hundred thousand fighters. Actively rearming strategic rocket forces and air defense system. China successfully working towards hypersonic. In the Navy began to receive ships, built on technology "Stealth" — invisible to enemy radar. Not hesitate to use the troops of an innovative technology called the Chinese President XI Jinping. However, he added that "should be imbued with a sense of urgency".