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Nike + Lebedev XI. Details about the design of sneakers

How to get a life of your dreams. 20.03.2017 at 07:01

How to get a life of your dreams. -

So my Shoe design are published on the website of Nike:

It's time to talk in detail about the design because on the website of the Nike format does not provide a detailed account.

My sneakers are made of completely black material. Some publications wrote that the sneakers have a white and red insert. This is not so. Insert is made of a transparent material. Underneath you can see the red sole.

the Laces are closed the two halves with a zipper. That is, can one rebuild the drawcord, and then close it to not get dirty.

the Most important: this material is completely reflective. So these shoes in the night the headlights turn into the reflectors and make the wearer noticeable.

the Most amazing part: for this project I did the Nike swoosh Cyrillic. Even more cool: Cyrillic logo of Nike is on the tops!

And Nike was not against it, although in the past something similar has only happened once in China.

the kit will include four sets of insoles. The owner will be able to paste them in the mood.

the Basic version:

My version:

Classic my version:

When sneakers will produce, on the inner side of the tongue will be placed a label with the info in Russian:

and finally. The project involves 12 designers from around the world. From Moscow (from Russia) - the one I have. Now in the global vote, my option is already in second place. In circulation will go the option with the maximum votes.

I Hope that now that you know details about the design of Shoe you'll have no doubt that the need to vote for my option.

Please go to the website of Nike, to register and vote: (feature - you can vote once a day for another week).

Thank you.

#voteartlebedev #airmax

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