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In Russia, opened its first store AEG retail and distribution 20.03.2017 at 12:24

A Site created and developed with one strategic goal is to provide You with the opportunity to obtain a complete, objective and useful information about the retail market of information technologies, personal computers, their components and peripherals.

March 17, in the shop "M. Video", shopping center Mega Belaya Dacha, a solemn opening of the newest brand boutique AEG, is dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the brand. Especially for this momentous event designer Ksenia Knyazeva, a permanent participant of Fashion Week in Moscow presented a screening of "Red is the new Black".

In washing machines AEG ProSense technology is used that automatically determines the load and adapts the wash cycle, making linen is subjected to washing as much as necessary, preventing the wear of the fabric. The machine is equipped with special technology OKOMix or SoftPlus that up to 95% improves the uniformity of conditioning on linen. Thus, all of the fibers receive the necessary care. In the end all is a special processing mode lingerie ferry that allow you to instantly eliminate odors and smooth even capricious fabrics.

AEG is a high – precision control with a step change of temperature in 1 degree in an oven, perfect maintenance of the set temperature on induction cooking surfaces. Everything works powerfully and accurately, and is operated simply and conveniently. You can easily converse with guests while rumanetsa duck, quietly to change the parameters of cooking to combine the functions of baking, steamers and grills.

Unique hob MaxiSense without separating zones: single cooking surface where you can simultaneously have multiple pots and pans of any shape and size in any position. The surface "recognizes" the dishes and heats the area directly under it, and the area around stays cool. Thus it is possible to cook several dishes at once without risking to get burned on induction surface.

as the entertainment, guests were offered to participate in the competition with refrigerators CustomFlex. To win, participants were faster to the placing of products on the shelves that was not difficult, after all, AEG refrigerator with flexible storage system on the door CustomFlex you can rearrange the shelves as you wish, on different levels. The shelves are easily removable with food and giving the opportunity to use the space of the refrigerator is completely depending on the number and size of the products.

At the end of the event representatives of "M. Video" has congratulated the brand AEG with 130-year anniversary and showed guests the world's first dishwasher AEG for comfortlift lift mechanism to lower the basket, a revolutionary technology that has the potential to truly transform the daily work into a pleasure. It is the "M. Video", shopping center Mega Belaya Dacha will be the first store where you can buy for comfortlift.