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Forecasts and trends from the "VTB arena Park" - MIPIM 2017

13-17 March in Cannes was one of the most influential international forums on real estate MIPIM. Senior Vice President of VTB Bank, head of the project "VTB arena Park" Andrey Peregudov – about the main trends of world development and their extrapolation to the Russian market of real estate.

Investment in life – the most successful investment. Conversion of square feet in new high-quality urban environment is the main trend in the Russian real estate. Moscow, like any major metropolis, needs a comprehensive approach to the development of territories. The creation of the city in the city, the Metropolitan area with its own infrastructure demand in the capital market. Among citizens there is a serious demand for a more efficient management of their time, high quality habitat, the creation of the right neighboring community. Schools, kindergartens, cafes, playgrounds, a fitness area, shops, a cosy and spacious courtyards, the higher the quality and elaborately executed the project is, the more popular it will be. The project "VTB arena Park" is designed to meet all of these needs without jeopardizing any of its components. Even the presence of such a large sports complex like a stadium "Dinamo" and a multifunctional "VTB arena hall" within walking distance of residential buildings, will not prevent a comfortable life – Petrovskiy Park where we saved all the trees will be sufficient sound insulation "pillow".

In the world there is a clear trend to urbanization. By 2030, our planet will be 41 city with a population over 10 million (28). 65 percent of the population will be urban dwellers, and that 3.9 billion people (now, for comparison, 1.6 billion). In this regard, the tendency to reduce the areas of apartments and office spaces (in 2000 – an average of 25 square meters per person in 2020 would be 14 sq. m.)

All these factors make many residents of the world's megacities choose the "18-hour" more intimate city. But in Russia, unfortunately, this query is difficult, and Moscow remains a city where the demand for comfortable housing and jobs, despite urbanization and seal. It is the primary objective of the project "VTB arena Park".

Creativity as a primary approach in shaping the urban environment. The buyer already quite tempted. Moscow, being a giant metropolis, for many years has developed spontaneously and is not always comfortable for residents. Whereas in the previous conferences MIPIM, we, the Russian developers and investors, first and foremost, were talking about survival in the city, now, thanks to the authorities of the city of Moscow, we talk more about the comfort, quality and non-trivial solutions for the improvement of embankments, creative development factory territories, of complex social objects, of the parks who are competing in the fashionable, friendly and unique services for their visitors... the Project developers have become conceptual, formed the whole theme of the city clusters: city history, sports, art, wildlife, deliberate industrial these themes are used as a key in the marketing of residential complexes. The proposals became not just a lot, most of them are really high quality and thoughtful – and this competition is beneficial to Moscow, making our city a true world capital. An example of a creative approach in our project can serve as a unique sports facility – our gem of a stadium "Dynamo" and "VTB arena hall". Both arenas, 27 thousand and 11 thousand spectators, respectively, are located on a single base raised to 10 meters above the ground, have a big shopping space under it and underground Parking.

the Environmental security of real estate – requirement of the world market. The project "VTB arena Park" attentive to this. We started the process of obtaining certification of our office buildings for the two types of standards – the American LEED and British BREEAM. The development of the real estate market for older people - building quality of nursing homes by Western standards: with high-quality apartments, common areas, medical service, entertainment infrastructure. This area is very little developed in Russia, it is necessary to seriously deal with. Residential property with quality finishes – an important request of the consumer, that is the strength of the 2nd residential building our project. The buyer receives a high quality finished apartment, where remains only to place furniture and accessories.