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Quote #444013 20.03.2017 at 07:45

Book Runet

Prager: How would you explain... These integrators... Offers to save to make the broom and the scoop on one handle.

bass player: This type of branching with the hinge?

Prager: No! It is at one end of the broom, the other the scoop!

bass player: )))

Prager: Say: "Awesome marketing! Give me two!" - don't get it. "On the contrary, it will be a single integrated solution."

bass player: Gunsmiths are so fond of doing.

Proper: To the question "do you know how to use this?" answer "Oh, Yes. The problem is clear(!), then you can make the split handle on a chain."

bass player: ROFL Wait, I NEED to SKETCH!

Prager: Dude, that was the allusion.

bass player: To hell with allusions! THE MAID ARMED WITH A NUNCHAKU FROM A BROOM! PEOPLE MARKED ANY! I want to see this anime!

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