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And let the whole world wait

Zadolba!whether 20.03.2017 at 11:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

For thirty years I began to hear about how "unscrupulous" employers don't want to take the girls with the prospect of expanding the family to work. Listened to my friends and thought, "Really, and if you do not have enough money and need to work? And if the girl really planned not to do any big breaks in his career? It's all unfair and illegal." So I thought, until I ran into this working category.

On duty I represent the company and communicate with many people. Of course, I must not only competently speak and know all the details of office work — I'm supposed to look well-dressed. So I am a regular customer from any kind of beauticians, provisto and masters of nail service.

the First fell apart my long-term Alliance with the master of nails. Collapsed even before the child is born. No, she not gone on maternity leave, in this case I would have just found another master, and the problem would be solved. She continued to work, being pregnant. I understand that she had to run all sorts of examinations and other things in the clinic, under that it is possible to move chart, especially in advance. But, sorry, when the master comes to the workplace, simply because this morning she was throwing up stronger, or when she breaks into hysterics right in front of you in the workplace is something. After I had to leave the chair with half done nails that did not even have time to varnish, I began looking for another master.

Cosmetologist, to which I go, one of the best masters in the capital, and indeed it is. It seems adequate, she went on maternity leave with a 7 month pregnancy, warning about this for three months, and helped customers to find other masters. She returned quickly, it seems, even less than six months after the birth of the child. And then Ostap suffered. The child remained in the care of her grandmother, grandma volunteered myself, but beautician each session was choked with guilt, so hour procedure turned into three hours. She stopped working and began to talk about what she thinks that she threw the child, "accomodated!", then every half hour, called my mom, the grandmother of the child, and Aguila into the phone. I know it's hard, but why in my time?

Cooler was only a hairdresser. Her four year old son, and she began to take him with you to work. The child is completely out of control, noisy and a pain in the ass, probably, and these need to be four years in office. But with the advent of it at work all the combs constantly lay on the floor and the walls adorned with the hair dye. About the wizard, I am silent — outright trash.

So, putting yourself in the position of the head of any office, I would not want to deal with an employee who because of his tantrums, feelings of guilt or constantly poor health disrupts transactions and cannot efficiently carry out its work. I know that there are people who manage to correctly divide the time between family and career. But, girls, think twice before taking on too much, and if you can?

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