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Virtual archaeologist on Mars has found an ancient statue

NEWS PLANET 20.03.2017 at 19:30

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On the photo sent by the Curiosity Rover, a UFO under the name Paranormal Crucible discovered the statue. In his opinion it is similar to a man-made product that resembles a statue of a Roman patrician.

the Statue is located at the bottom of a Martian lake Gillespie, the age of which nearly 4 000 000 years. Presumably, the Martian humanoid figure rising to half a meter. Facial features and clothes are clearly visible in the picture. The statue is clothed in a long robe with ornaments on the head wearing a pointed headdress.

Paranormal Crucible suggests that at the bottom of lake Gillespie, he has also found other amazing items that are not similar to natural formations.