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"A billion to Ukraine" indefinitely postponed

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IMF Executive Board suddenly postponed the discussion of anti-crisis program of Ukraine, which Kiev was supposed to issue in debt 1 billion dollars to pay off previous debts.

Monday (which was scheduled for consideration) it is postponed to uncertain date, reports TASS with reference to its sources.

As noted by the informant of the Agency, to the meeting, all was ready. Cancel, in fact, unprecedented. This Fund could only accept with the knowledge of senior management. The leadership at the time of the postponement was in Baden-Baden, where he conferred with representatives of the financial G20.

If we rule out purely technical (in the Northern hemisphere spring, and spring SARS could mow, for example, a significant part of the IMF staff) - it is assumed two scenarios.

the First: about the Ukrainian anti-crisis program received sudden information changes the picture (for example, the authorities of the IMF, it became known that his dezinformiruet about the plans for the use of the funds and serves a billion a very different fate).

a second option. We recall that tranche of $1 billion is about a fifth of the amount that, according to the Deputy head of the national Bank of Ukraine A. Curia, the state should engage in tranches to the IMF this year. In General, in the 2017-2019 years, Ukraine has to pay 12.5 billion dollars. And "without IMF loans we can't handle," said Cure in a recent statement.

the Agreement on the upcoming billion was devoted to a series of meetings with Ukrainian and canvases are of officials, which especially actively discussed the issue of pensions (IMF always advises to cut pensions because the social cost is a continuous expense).

So the "unprecedented" adjournment of the meeting may be just the tool by which the Fund puts pressure on Kiev to get more concessions.

to go And since Kiev has no place (in the East, as we remember, brothers no more, but only the aggressor state that was host to the thief with a Golden toilet and take away Ukrainian Sevastopol) to press him with almost infinite efficiency. And add in conditions for Kiev, all the new items.