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Watch movies online movies TV series free with no ads in great HD quality

The plot of the family of the Farrells, who live in the mountains. This family is not like the others, they tend to retreat and try not to let them near his dwelling of strangers. These places are mysterious and even dangerous for ordinary people who are not used to the lifestyle of the Farrells, but this fact only benefit the clan, because they don't want their life became public. From time to time, the beauty of these places attracts rich people who want to own this remote from the civilized world corner of the earth. But the Farrells have not once argued that the decision. While they were able to keep the defense, but will it always? Their traditions and laws were invented many years ago, up to this point they could observe all but now the life of outsiders has changed, more and more people tries to enter their territory. Defending their land, the Farrells go to hell, behind which lie the most horrible things committed by man.

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