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Riders of Icarus will soon be in Russia

After three years of delays, MMMORPG Riders of Icarus and will appear in our country. 101XP company signed an agreement on localization version for our audience.

in General 101XP is already one major project, called Bless. And if you recall the experience of entering this game, we can assume that no problems just will not do. Because according to the experience they had the bug to bug and the bug was a good race. Although if the contract is signed, and it means the Creator of the trust them.

in General, the game got held up at the way to us, apparently it was carrying a cart of mail of Russia on the turtle-powered. Since after localization in Europe and Asia it's been 3 years. And those who wanted to know what Riders of Icarus made it on the English servers (except those who do not shprehaet).

Now has an official website that hosts a variety of game materials. As well as the opportunity to apply for participation in the alpha and beta test. Although when directly start this action is not yet clear. The only thing that you can eat that will be a problem exclusively with localization, because the game itself Riders of Icarus has already passed long-term tests and is fully completed.

And a small trailer for those who don't know what was going on.