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Football conspiracy theories

Radio Liberty 29.03.2017 at 13:49

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a private, non-profit information service funded by the U.S. Congress, broadcasting to the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East and Russia.

Russian Football team held two friendly matches. In Krasnodar, the Russian players lost to rivals from Cote d'ivoire 0:2. And in Sochi Russia in the last minutes of the match left from defeat with Belgium 3:3. The first impression of these games is almost identical to the reaction of the fans in Krasnodar, which ironically reacting to the actions of the Russians and applauded their opponents. Not to say that the Ivorians are very strong rivals, even though they two-time winners of Africa Cup of Nations. The question, of course, not in them, Africans are simply unable to properly react to the blatant weakness of the Russian defence. The question is that in the current state of all the lines of the Russian national team represent the depressing spectacle – despite the fact that the Russians managed to keep a draw in the match against Belgium. So, how now looks like the Russian team? Defense is now one of its most painful problems. This problem had been long expected, had only to look at the age the strongest in Russia, Central defenders Vasily Berezutsky and Sergei Ignashevich. They themselves have never looked powerful defensive redoubt, it is enough to recall their unforgivable mistakes of 2008, when the team experienced its brightest period. But even then, their link with the best Russian goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev looked hardly probable not the most reliable in the team. But something happened that everyone was waiting for: Berezutsky and Ignashevich in the team there, they are, as they say, "suspended performance". Immediately had a failure of the national team in two home games, conceded five goals without showing the defense exactly no merit. Russia was lucky that part of Belgium was not De bruyne, Fellaini, hazard and goalkeeper Courtois – with their experience and skill to the problems of the Russians could be much more. The midfielder of the Russian team was very weakened – there is now almost no players capable of designing a game that is called "playmakers". Alan Dzagoev is not in the best form and players of the calibre of Roman Shirokov in the team anymore. Timid attempts Glushakova or the beginning of something to be done in this fundamentally important area, and the result was not given. Hangs in the air traditional Russian question "What to do". On the line of attack – a special conversation. For various reasons the team did not have three key players in the attack – Dzyuba, Smolov and Kokorin. They at the European Championships of 2016 did not Shine, it has long been clear that the line needs to be strengthened, especially in the apparent loss of skill from Kokorin. Here played ahead of Hust, a long time in Russia labored on the sidelines and seems to be finding their place in "Rostov". He's even the third goal to the Belgians scored, but to say that the attack from Russia looks solid, it still doesn't. The result will help to reduce tension around the team, but challenges remain. Cherchesov has the inertia of previous commands, for it is a new job. Need to create, update, team, and time is not generally understood that the efforts of head coach of Russia Stanislav Cherchesov not yet led to some intelligible result. Even a draw with the Belgians fans in Sochi was questioned sounding in the stands with a question: "How much did they pay for that tie?" Way too open, guests ceased to resist at the last minute of the match, if the field is invisible vital point: "the Owners do not have to lose two games in a row" or "Sochi – iconic, victory arena for Russia"... It is, of course, is pure conspiracy theory, but the fact of her appearance speaks of the national team of Russia very eloquently, alas. Anatoly Byshovets, the former striker and coach of USSR, Olympic champion 1988, in this regard said: "the Experimentation and the search continues, which affects the result." And to the comment that the new coach has already played seven games, started in justificatory reasoning: "Cherchesov most meetings held in a non-optimal composition, a lot of injuries. This time we again saw the difference in class of teams, hence the advantage of the Belgians for a time. However, the guests prematurely stopped play, believing in the victory. The result will help to reduce tension around the team, but challenges remain. Cherchesov has the inertia of previous commands, for it is a new job. We need to establish, upgrade the team, and no. There are difficulties associated with the acquisition of the backbone. Due to injuries there is no balance in the game. There are no players who could add speed, diversity. There is no leader". What should I do? In June Russia will play at home stadium in official matches of the tournament, the FIFA Confederations Cup. While the national team to it is clearly not ready, even given the fact that it is not the strongest teams of the world: from South America comes the team of Chile, from Europe – Portugal. However, there will be world Champions (Germany), and the winners of the Gold Cup (Mexico). Russia, apparently, will have to fight with the best teams in Africa and Oceania – Cameroon and New Zealand. To qualify for a more serious competition to the Russians, alas, is not necessary. However, always remains the saving conspiracy...