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Fresh jokes for 30.03.2017 (56 pieces)

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- Kazbek! Hey mate, you say in the capital was 2 years, why are you doing that whole time?

- Like what? Fried Chicks and Chicks spinning on its spit, haha that's it brother!...

- Mmmm... Shawarma traded?



Road is actually not repaired, and only move pit road to the driver was harder to remember.


the Main problem of women is to find a guy who will be a man more than herself.


- As in English "look"?

- To google.


it Seems that in 10 years will sound again the question: “where were you and what were you doing in the seventeenth?”


- I Say Teens I promised money for the arrest at the rally. Who did it?

- Have to wait and all will become clear: if you give money, it is clearly the case, the state Department, and if you throw, then sure!


it is Wrong to say "toad strangling". You mean "antibiotherapy asphyxia".


- Son, when you finally get married: the other has long been a family, children?

- Mom, I can't find a mate.

- at least You get one yourself, son.


- Your son inflicted grievous bodily harm 182-m OMON and police, they are still in the hospital!

- He just waved a flag, and they all fell!

And the shaft can cause serious bodily...

- Is the checkbox from McDonald's!

- essentially it does not change!

- But judge, he's only 2 years!

- And they have apartments!


- come over.

- What happened?

- Just wondering, I've been spotted.