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The issue of Ukraine and trump's meeting with Poroshenko was postponed

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In the United States has appointed a "chief" on the Ukrainian question. In the administration of Donald trump Eastern Europe (and the crisis in the Donbass) will be withdrawn from the authority of the state Department, and referred to the Vice President Michael Penny. Consequences for Kiev a few: it is take out the brackets, indicating the performance of Minsk, and macroeconomic assistance put in dependence on progress in reforms.

According to the interlocutor "News" in expert circles, the Ukrainian direction will be overseen by the assistant Vice President Michael Pence — in the hierarchy it is much lower than the previous "curator", Vice-President Joseph Biden, and "has already begun to shape the position of the new administration in Ukraine".

"It's about Fiona hill, special assistant to the U.S. President, senior Director for Russia and Europe in the security Council, — said the "Vesti" Director of the informational-analytical center "Perspective" Paul Rudyak. Parallel will work and Rex Tillerson (the head of the state Department. — Ed.) in the framework of bilateral talks with Sergey Lavrov. This indirect participation in the Minsk process without formalization of the participation of the United States".

Fiona hill is a research fellow at the Brookings institution in Washington, in 2006-2009 he was an expert on matters of the Russian Federation in the national Council on U.S. intelligence and co-author of the book "Mr. Putin: special agent in the Kremlin"

"USA is crucial in Ukraine, the durability of the control system. They spend their money, knowing that they will not return and want to exchange stability," said political analyst Ruslan Bortnik.

according to the article, written by hill in end of 2016 in collaboration with the former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer for her own Institute to achieve these goals, Washington will be using the carrot and the stick.

"the Administration trump should stick to the current rate adjustments to the situation in Ukraine or policy changes in Moscow," writes Fiona hill, leading tools: the influence on the course of reforms ("gingerbread" defensive weapons), the non-recognition of the annexation of the Crimea, the preservation of Minsk as a negotiating platform (while the US can even enter into the process, but only in the case of the real possibility of resolving the conflict). Indicates that the "weak" government in Kiev is incapable of steps in the implementation of Minsk, and if Moscow will meet in Minsk will be "the improvement of Russia's relations with the West."

"the Former "partying" for Agroromantica when you can borrow from the IMF and other investors in tranches of $12 billion, and not show the results. The West will become more demanding and the anti-corruption policy. The logic would be: the farther from reform, the less support", — said "news" analyst on international Affairs Anton kuchukhidze.

in practice, this means: the attitude of the line trump said this on pause. According to the international expert Andrew Buzarova, the meeting of the presidents should not expect the next six months. Petro Poroshenko was able to voice his proposal only to Michael Penny at the Munich security conference in late February, and even earlier — to speak on the phone with trump. "But relationship with him is not, from our side only simulating two sided, and the foreign Ministry and the AP regularly introduce to the public another excuse why the meeting was postponed. Now this mythical agreement of the agenda," — said Rudyak.