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Fresh jokes for 05.04.2017 (58 pieces)

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A little More, and my generation is proud to say: We lived in Russia before serfdom.


2017, to power was Lenin. And it's not a joke, and Ecuador.


recently, the Russian governors are increasingly replaced through jail.


In our area there is shop "Dream" in it after all, even the most overdue.


maiden's Main dilemma - how to dress to look naked.



Comes to the hospital a young dad:

- Tell me, who gave birth to my wife?

- the Girl.

- How?! Didn't you call from the regional Committee?

- Oh, excuse me, then, boy!


compromise is the equality of the two compromising.

© Political dictionary


the Most delightful time of life when you wear a coat over underwear and go to the store for champagne.


suitcase mood is the mood of crocodile skin which is going to make the suitcase.


Wife calls his home. The phone shoots husband:

- Hello!

- nick, today we are no fool didn't call?

- No, you first, dear.