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The Verkhovna Rada approved pension payments bandits of OUN-UPA

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Today the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law "On rehabilitation of political repression victims", which approved the pension payments for veterans of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists – Ukrainian insurgent army. These organizations before and during the great Patriotic war is closely coordinated their activities with special services of Nazi Germany and fought against the Soviet Union.

(the Current Ukrainian state propaganda calls Bandera "fighters for independence of Ukraine" — allegedly, they were fighting the Soviet occupation").

the text of the law presented from the rostrum of Parliament MP Yuriy Shukhevych, son of the UPA commander Roman Shukhevych. He called for support to "victims of the totalitarian Bolshevik regime – the fighters for independence of Ukraine" and enter the 25% pension Supplement for Bandera, who was in prison, and 12.5% for those who were in exile.

"there are not many people who stood to death for the independence of our country. Which for decades was in prison. I myself was brought up in the brotherhood of OUN-UPA in Volyn region and know these people. Their remains a handful. We must do everything possible so that these people felt the care of our state, particularly financially. This is something we need to thank these people," — said the Deputy Igor GUZ from the party of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the correspondent of "Politnavigator".

"I Urge the audience to support the bill. This is the law about justice, historical memory, about honoring the people who had the dignity to fight for Ukraine's future that will take its rightful place in the European family of Nations. Let's honor a handful of these powerful people," said Ivan Kyrylenko of the Yulia Timoshenko's party.

"This law corrects historical justice – opposes as 70 years of Soviet occupation killed our national consciousness," continued the Deputy Andrey Lozovoy from the party of Oleg Lyashko.

the Roman semenukha from the party of mayor of Lviv "Self-help" offered to go even further. "Ukraine resumed its independence in 1991, but did not recognize the Russian occupation from 22 to 1991. Because of these terrible crimes should be held responsible Russian Federation", — he said.

"In the hall a lot of people whose families have gone through repression. My family was sent to Siberia where my dad lived for nearly 10 years," urged the hall to vote by the speaker Andriy Parubiy.

In summary the law was passed by 258 votes.

it is Interesting that none of the deputies representing the Opposition bloc, or elected on majority districts in the South-East, decided not to take the floor and speak out against the rehabilitation of Bandera.