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The government continues to make decisions on the destruction of the enterprise and increase in prices

MComp 11.04.2017 at 10:36

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

On 7 April, on the eve of the weekend, the Government published a List of "technically complicated household groups", the sale of which will be processed through the cash register (PPO).

At first glance, an ordinary event. But it's not. This decision is a big blow to the simplified system of taxation, the largest since 2010, since the Tax Maidan. This solution creates big business a comfortable environment without competition, and consumers increases the retail price.

Despite the promises of the President and the Prime Minister, the Government introduced a PPO for single tax payers without changing their administration, without cheapening of the devices of the account, without compensation of cost of the devices. The government was in a hurry to please the big business that went to numerous violations:

— the draft Resolution was considered and approved before the end of the month will be allotted for discussion;

— after consideration at a meeting of the Government of the State regulatory service of Ukraine agreed on the List, but it was published with amendments – expanded and accelerated date of entry into force;

— the officials withdrew from the previous regulations, the list of goods subject to warranty free services and therefore users will not be able to repair the new products, which broke down earlier than the sellers promised.

once again "wishlist" and omissions of the authorities will pay for the poorest. The government had not restored order in the customs, does not restrict monopolies, playing to big business, but small business and consumers to pay for it?

Whether some of the authorities to challenge PCMU from 16.03.17. No. 231 , which broke the law, consumer rights and the promises of politicians from the government on the development of small business?

To my address by the first Deputy Minister of economy reported that they this decision resulted in the "legalization of small business". That is, left to "clear up the small business", and everything else – billions of dollars of abuse in state-owned enterprises, in compensation of the VAT at customs, etc. – already understood?

Oksana Prodan, people's Deputy of Ukraine