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Trading plan for the Forex 11.04.2017

Portal Forex trader 10.04.2017 at 22:09

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Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 11.04.2017

a Calendar of expected events

11:30 UK. The consumer price index

12:00 Eurozone. The economic sentiment index in Germany

17:00 USA. The number of open vacancies on the labour market


On the GBPUSD pair formed a pattern of Internal bar at the district level 1,2400. It is unclear, rebound and continue sideways or still continue to fall. Perhaps worth a watch on, and to take decisions on transactions in a more clear situation. I'm more inclined to continue to fall.


On USDJPY do not depart far from the level of 111.00 and formed a pattern Pin-bar. Any supports have no pattern and should be ignored. Wait the exit from the outset.

Open orders big banks

Changes for 10.04.2017 Credit Suisse triggered a Sell Limit on USD/JPY with 111,45 Barclays closed a Sell EUR/GBP with 0,8540 for 0,8534. Profit +6pp Credit Suisse has placed a Sell Limit on AUD/USD with a line of 0.7530, TR – of 0.7390, SL – 0.7600 Morgan Stanley opened a Buy on USD/JPY from 111.30, TR – of 115.00, SL – 110.00 Citi placed a Sell Limit on EUR/JPY with 117,80, TR – 114,60, SL 119.10 Citi triggered the Sell Limit on EUR/JPY with 117,80 Deutsche Bank opened a Buy on USD/JPY with 111,20, TR – 114,00, SL – 109.00 Fundamental analysis APR

Asian stock indexes fell on Tuesday amid volatile and bi-directional trading, as the political situation in the middle East and the Korean Peninsula has added to the uncertainty in relation to the impending vote in France, and has pushed investors to more secure assets, such as JPY and Treasury bonds.

The broad MSCI in the region lost 0.4%, while most Asian markets it is possible to observe a mixed closing, the following, for the most part, the trends from the USA. The Nikkei in Tokyo fell by 0.5%, dropping to the background of a stronger JPY. Chinese stocks lost 0.1%. Australian shares regained early losses, adding 0.5% as the level of business activity reached the highest value in the last ten years.

AUD fell 0.1% to 0.7449 against the USD, cutting early gains within the session. USD fell 0.2% to 110.68 JPY extending losses on Monday. The U.S. dollar index, which tracks the dollar's value against a basket of major currencies, stay at the level of 101.05 after failing to recover from a loss of 0.16 percent on Monday. Oil prices retained recent gains, holding near five-week highs, after it was closed the largest oil field Libya after U.S. strikes on Syria.


In France, the polls for many weeks showed the centrist Rules and the far-right leader Le Pen as favorites in the presidential race. Although the plans for Le Pen in the evasion of the Euro and the referendum on membership in the EU has spooked many investors, the recent polls have shown a tightening in the race, where support for the recently proposed candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon is gaining momentum.

the Stoxx Europe 600 eased 0.1%, while German DAX lost 0.2% and the CAC retreated 0.5% against the background of rising yields. At the same time, the Central Bank of France has reduced the forecast of GDP growth in the first quarter by a tenth of percentage point to 0.3% compared to the fourth quarter. The economic growth forecast in 2017 remained at 1.3%.

On currency markets, the EUR had risen 0.1% against the USD and lost 0.28% against the GBP to 0.8534. Deutsche Bank analysts noted that the recent surge of activity around Mélenchon can be seen as a repetition of 2012, and the current partially polls show that for the second round the candidate will have to actively compete.

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker