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Open doors day on April 20.

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 14.04.2017 at 15:11

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

, 20 April Club KIT invites everyone to the open day! All will be held in our office at the following address. Time from 13-30 till 19-00.

!!! The open day is an opportunity for everyone to get acquainted with the club, with our team, with unimodularly Infotech, network with like-minded people, in short, a nice time.

Come with guests. We assure you that they will like us.

the Day of open doors we welcome visitors from almost the very beginning of our working day, i.e. 13-30.

To 19-00 we will be with you, and will need longer.

What is the open Day from the regular working day of the club?

In fact, many.

!!! First of all, in this day, all who wish to purchase modulators, will receive from the Lab Infotech great discounts, which size corresponds to the size of discounts on the birthday Bonus. In the number of purchased modulators we do not limit you.

What about those who do not have the physical ability to look to our light in this day? After all, they also want the same discount!

!!! It's very simple! We posted about our event in the social network Vkontakte, and if you like and repostnite it at least once to 19 April inclusive, you can also count on a discount of the open Day.

Here's a great opportunity you have to 19/04 inclusive. In fact, only ONE like and ONE repost!

the Link to the post about the open Day >> :ba:

Recalls that for Valid club members discounts for this day are added to their club discounts.

the amount of discounts can be found here >>

What else will get you and your guests in the open Day, in addition to the cool discounts.

►on this day all came to us can pass the test of the functional state of the organism both the physical and the energy level with 50% discount.

we are pleased to inform you that we have at the club appeared very modern, super informative diagnostic systems ONYX, LOTUS and ROFES. On these links you will find a description of these complex.

Experience with these systems necessarily and see for yourself their capabilities.

!! Our guests, who have no modulator, we invite you to take part in the selection of unimodular yourself, a loved one, with a DOUBLE, that is, in comparative testing using one or two diagnostic systems. Moreover, the price of a SINGLE study.

to buy inomoderator not necessarily. No one is to blame will not be :-D

**** in the comparative test are the indicators BEFORE and AFTER the interaction with one of animatorov, after which their results are compared and concluded which unimodular more suited to a specific person.

Attention! This opportunity is only for beginners!

►And all who will come to us in this day, waiting for the lottery! And win-WIN.:hk:

don't promise that everyone will benefit exactly the modulators, but something will win for sure (we have a lot of interesting things).

Receive winnings immediately, as they say, "on the spot."

► the curtain at 18: 00, as always, you are waiting for posidelki under the intriguing title "the Secrets of the Breeze".

of Course, all waiting for tea and buns and chat with like-minded people,

in short, come will be interesting and useful!:ap:

:ba: Friends, if you have questions, feel free to call on office telephone (495) 502-5944, (495) 917-2743 during working hours.

Or contact us at email:,

Remember that to come to our club on this day you can when it suits you. :fg: That is, starting with 13-30 and to 19-00.

Waiting for you!

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