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Sleep, my darling, go to sleep!

Zadolba!whether 16.04.2017 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

If a small child starts to act up, cry over nothing, its just put to bed, even if you "don't want" with tears. The toddler is fast asleep, "reboots" and wakes up the pretty angel. It is known to all, especially the good grandmother, who any tears interpreted in favor of the quiet hours.

And then the person grows and begins to believe that the dream he was no good. A short evening, and the Internet is such a great and online games in it are interesting.

And the next day somehow the sun is too bright. On the road some freaks with purchased rights. At work subordinates any particularly stupid about the customers and say nothing. Need to yell at everyone, but especially to one who put such disgusting light bulbs fluorescent light.

It from them, and from the noise of the computer a headache. By the evening of the forces have left, and the house to rest do not give. Have to consistently yell at the dog, child and wife. To receive a portion of insults and criticisms, defiantly shut down the computer, offended to go to sleep. In the morning Wake up pretty, though already balding, angel.

well not find a universal nanny, which says: "This uncle is naughty! Uncle need some sleep now!" — and get him to shut up finally and didn't zadalbyvat life for themselves and others?

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