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Kommersant: Moscow to cash reduced income monitoring of the banking press 18.04.2017 at 10:35

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As became known to "Kommersant", Moscow police have completed the investigation of the organised criminal community (OPS), whose members engaged in illegal financial transactions. According to the initial version of the investigation, OPS, led by a businessman by Renat Sabitov, was the largest encasement platform of the Moscow region through which passed more than 2 billion. However, in the final version of the charges, the volume of cash transactions decreased by approximately RUB 600 million, and estimated revenue 17 members of the OPS has not exceeded 14 million rubles. Advocates attribute this fact to the fact that the big criminal bankers have actually turned out to be traders with markets.

a Criminal group, which included nearly two dozen people, headed by the General Director of LLC "Stroytorg" by Renat Sabitov, employees of GU MVD of Moscow region with the support of special forces soldiers detained at the end of April 2015. The actions of the defendants in the investigation were qualified under article 210 and article 172 of the criminal code (organization of criminal community or participation in it and illegal banking activities). Moreover, it was noted that liquidated OPS was the largest in the region.

As the materials of the investigation, OPS criminal financiers acted in April 2013. Its Creator was Renat Sabitov, who developed criminal plans and gaining new group members. He spent training the gang members and distribute between them role.

To make the developed master plan was soon was of short-lived, not leading any business activities. As active participants OPS Oleksandr Kunets, Constantine Ramzin and Dmitry Papin began to look for clients who needed the cash. With business concluded contracts on rendering of various services with companies, those members of the OPS, after which they transferred various sums to their accounts, receiving cash back.

As initially believed a consequence, until April 2015, the participants of the OPS cashed more than 1.8 billion rubles. At the same time, believed in Moi, as a Commission, the financiers have received not less than 3% of the amount "taken in cash", or 56.7 mln RUB.

However, in the final stage of the investigation Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs almost four times reduced the amount received by the OPS fees, and making other major adjustments in the materials of the criminal case.

As follows from them, Renat Sabitov has created not just OPS, and the "separate business entity that are, by their contents of a credit organization", the purpose of which, according to the investigation, was in hiding "from the state financial and tax control" of funds. In turn, the amount cashed with the help of the "subject" of funds decreased to 1.3 billion. the investigation has said that members of OPS received only 1% of the cashed amounts, and their income barely exceeded RUB 13.3 million.

As noted in conversation with "Kommersant" the lawyer of Boris Sokal, defending Constantine Rasina, in the case initially appeared 13 million rubles, found by investigators during searches. Them, says the defender, in the end, "entered into as of the criminal income". According to the defense, all passing in the case of "major" criminal bankers were only barely know each other "small and medium-sized merchants from the suburban markets," which are occasionally cashed a small amount for the purchase of goods. The defense hopes that the once loud the case will be dismissed in court.

Vladislav TRIFONOV