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Putin urged "channel four" to bend Poroshenko

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 18.04.2017 at 09:50

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The Russian President urged his European colleagues in the "Normandy format" of the need for hard pressure on Kiev and increased control over the entire process of peaceful settlement in the Donbass. In particular close attention to numerous violations of the APU.

To such conclusion some experts on the results of the conference call participants of the Normandy format held the night before. At first glance, judging by the dry report about the talks, the Quartet has not achieved any major breakthrough. But diplomatic pressure on Kiev by the European partners, the increased attention to the crimes of the APU and even traditional for the Kiev propagandists dull release issued by the press service Poroshenko, testify to the drastic change in the rhetoric of the EU. It's safe to say that Moscow is once again determined the course of "Norman Quartet" and forced Europe to look at the situation soberly.

As is known, the participants in the negotiations welcomed the resumption of the so-called Easter truce in the Donbass, and noted the increased level of aggression APU and the increasing number of violations on the Ukrainian side. They are not left unattended and high threat to the staff of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE. Mentioned were, in particular, the recent incident near Lugansk, where rebels APU fire European observers. Colleagues urged Poroshenko to pacify its troops and to pay special attention to frequent violations by the Ukrainian side. In conclusion, the owners of the "Quartet" urged that the organization of the exchange of prisoners in the format "all for all" (another stone in the garden of Kiev, because Poroshenko strongly inhibits the release of detained persons). As well as gave a diplomatic nod without five minutes the pensioner Francois Hollande, lauding him for his work in the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict.

Poroshenko in the format of a conference call, roughly speaking, staged another spanking in private. And most clearly it demonstrates an official release issued by the press service of the Ukrainian President on the results of night negotiations. Many experts said that Kiev is probably the first time departed from the populist traditions and produced and presented an analogue of the Russian text, and even serious delay. Typically, administration of the President pretty quickly responds to such negotiations and always misrepresents information in accordance with the official propaganda. We produce such releases within one hour after the meeting with the mandatory addition of a pair of triples "Peremoga brilliant chocolate President". Today, the Bank has surprised many still galloping patriots excessively dry statement of the facts and the unusual sincerity. The press service did not even reinstall allegations of violations of the APU and the shelling of the OSCE. So unexpectedly truthful approach of the Ukrainian populists to the coverage of such an important meeting can only be interpreted as a serious failure of Poroshenko. The Russian President and European partners again "bent" Kiev clown and this time he did not even dare to misinterpret information. I mean the spanking was brutal.

Vladimir Putin gently and diplomatically launched the European hypocrites in the right direction and made you take a hard look at the Ukrainian issue. Thereby creating a kind of coalition to force Poroshenko to the world. Of course "work on the European mistakes" is not over yet and with Merkel, Hollande continue to rush on some issues, but the result is still on the face. Paris and Berlin more and more listen to the opinion of Moscow, and unite to put pressure on out-of-control Kiev.