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Webinar "cut it Svyatogor" - 20/04

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 17.04.2017 at 13:01

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

We Invite all April 20, Thursday, at 19.30 on the webinar "cut it Svyatogor". Let's talk about our life and some of the modulators.

the Chaos in the world is growing every day. Most of the people became strangely passive and inert. Some even have no motivation to action, in this connection, their activity falls and things get worse. People often complain that they don't get a lot of power. On the implementation of some major life projects we do in such cases is not. Many do not see the possibility of a way out of difficult situations, which were made in connection with the crisis, and most importantly – do not see prospects. What is it? Why is this happening? What can result? Naturally these processes, or indeed something strange is happening in our world? And most importantly – how to break this vicious circle?

all this talk about the meeting on Thursday, April 20, at 19-30.

of Course, the modulators too, we say, but still more about us and our lives.

Come, waiting for you.

the Meeting is held, as always, in our conference room.

the Entrance is on the links -,74618437?NO-BROWSER


Room will be open 30 minutes before the start so you all have time to test and configure.

If you are not the first time to participate in our conferences, before the webinar hesitate to click on the links in the appropriate field enter your NAME (participants of our forum it is better to enter your nickname). The password input is not necessary (if all goes as it should go, the room password you will not be required). Then click on OK and you are in the room.

note: if the room requires a password, then something went wrong. In this case, try the second link or go to another browser. In an extreme case, most of the Skype lead - elena_p2007, i.e. me.

But in order to all sorts of trouble you were not overcome during the webinar, I suggest you go into the room a little early and make sure everything is in order.

If you're going to participate in our webinar for the first time or you need to refresh some of the nuances of working in our conference room, once again I strongly recommend you go to this link and read the "Technical side of the question."

On the webinar will be a lottery. If you remember, to participate you need to be registered on our website

A better look at this page and carefully read all about what you need to do to avoid problems at the registration in the lottery during the webinar.

be Sure to check - does the website your name and password. On the webinar we those who don't know what to do, do not wait too long. So be prepared in advance.

If You have forgotten your username or PASSWORD, urgently write to me in PM or Skype, but in advance. In the webinar, I have nothing to help you can not.

My Skype - elena_p2007.

the Code word when you contact request on Skype - "KIT" or "unimodular", or "webinar"

Before the meeting on 20 April, Thursday, at 19-30.

How to participate in the webinar from your phone or tablet

there will be questions - write in lichku or in the common Skype-chat - join the link

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