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Mid-term review of exchange rates Forex on 19.04.2017

Portal Forex trader 18.04.2017 at 20:51

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Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 19.04.2017

a Calendar of expected events

12:00 Eurozone. The consumer price index

17:30 US. Crude oil inventories


On the pair AUDJPY has formed a pattern of Absorption in the area of the circular level of 84.00 and a trend line. Probably will continue the falling trend. Sale here can be considered, but close to the level of 81.00 from which it can bounce.


On the Silver rebounded from the trend line and formed pattern Pin-bar. It looks like the correction is here and finished and will try to continue the trend and break the level 18,62.

Open orders big banks

Changes for 18.04.2017 Citi placed a Sell Stop on GBP/CHF with 1,2614, TR – 1,2450, SL 1.2675 Citi triggered a Sell Stop on GBP/CHF from Credit Suisse 1,2416 triggered a Buy Limit on EUR/GBP with 0,8460 Credit Suisse canceled the Buy Limit on GBP/USD with 1,2434 Citi otstupite on sale for GBP/CHF with 1,2614 at 1,2675. Loss-61pp Credit Suisse has placed a Sell Limit on EUR/JPY with 117,10, TR – 115,15, SL 117.70 Credit Suisse has placed a Buy Limit on AUD/USD with 0,7518, TR – 0,7623, SL – 0.7473 Credit Suisse otstupite in the buy EUR/GBP with 0,8460 for 0,8401. Loss-59pp Citi triggered the Sell Limit on EUR/CAD with 1,4381, TR – 1,3800, SL 1.4650 Fundamental analysis APR

the Package of disappointing economic data from the US and doubt that trump will progress in terms of tax policy, suppressed expectations about the acceleration of inflation. The assets of the "safe Harbor" remain favorites of growth, where gold and bonds are rising also because of the upcoming elections in France and the ongoing escalation of tension between the US and North Korea.

the Main index of the stock in the region MSCI fell 0.6%, the lowest level since mid-March. Japan's Nikkei, meanwhile, stayed in positive territory, while the Shanghai Composite eased 1.4%. The Chinese market's falling for four consecutive days because of more stringent requirements for oversight and control — including economic processes. On wall street, indices closed with a decline: industrial, the Dow fell 0.55%, the S&P 500 lost 0.29%, while the technological Nasdaq slipped 0.12%.

the sell off in the USD strengthened against the JPY the dollar was stuck at around 108.55, being at the lowest level since November. USD also undermined by the decline in yield of US bonds to five-month lows. The yield on us desjatiletki fell to 2.17% from a high of 2.62 marked earlier in March. In commodity markets, the desire of investors to safety pushed gold to increase to 1.2781 per ounce. Oil prices fell as crude oil inventories in the US dropped less than expected.

the GBP strengthened against the unexpected decision of UK to appoint an early election that could eventually lead to more market-friendly outcomes of the separation with the European Union. Sterling is trading at six-month highs against the USD after Prime Minister Theresa may called for the election on 8 June, aiming to strengthen the party majority before negotiations on Brazito.

There is reason to believe that the maneuvers of the British Prime Minister is likely to provide the necessary climate for advantageous negotiations may be less dependent on peripheral groups in his own party. And it can reduce the risk of breakdown of negotiations and thus, to suppress the chaotic nature of the disagreements.

the GBP is trading close to $1.2824 against the us dollar, breaking monthly trading range with a jump of 2.2% for the session. Also, the British overcame the 200-day moving average for the first time since June. At the same time, Britain's FTSE 100 weakened by 2.4% due to unexpectedly strengthen trade in GBP, which literally broke the current trading prospects and expectations of British exporters.

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker