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Trading forecasts and ideas on 20.04.2017

Portal Forex trader 20.04.2017 at 04:31

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Hello! Below are a few recommendations and ideas on the Forex market on 20.04.2017

a Calendar of expected events

15:30 US. The manufacturing activity index

18:30 UK. The President of the Bank of England's Carney


Growing momentum of quotations of the pair EUR/USD short term sell from the level "day of resistance". In the medium term it is likely the growth rate of the pair above the level of 1,081, but the power level will cause the correction, which will go into profit.


chart "Ozzy", paired with the US dollar formed a bullish pattern of "Wolfe Wave". Crossing quotations of 1-3 lines will be a trigger for purchases on this currency pair.


the trend in the reduction still applies, despite the return of investors to the currency of great Britain and "sweet" analysts. Price reversals often occur at Fibonacci levels, use the level of 61.8 for the production orders of shorts. This medium-term deal based on the quotes back to previous channel flat.

"October tail" of the candle when you build a "Fibonacci Grid" is not taken into account, in a catastrophic drop in the price of this session played the role of "fat finger" error in the algorithm that defines the direction of trading robot, during the "Asian session".

Open orders big banks

Changes for 19.04.2017 Credit Suisse triggered a Buy Limit order at 0.7518 AUD/USD Standard Chartered canceled Buy Stop at 1.0850 AUD/NZD JP Morgan moved the stop on an outstanding warrant GBP/AUD level 1,6000 at 16750 Credit Suisse has exhibited two new limitname:

— a Sell Limit order at 0,8460 on EUR/GBP with the level of take profit 0,8168 and stop loss 0,8515;

— Buy Limit order in GBP/USD at of 1.2620 with a protective stop 1,2515 and profit target of 1.3050;

Credit Suisse adjusted profit targets and stop in three limit orders:

— for sale 117,10 Sell Limit EUR/JPY. Stop increased to 117,95, TP lowered to 115 -00. Level pending sign – no change.

— buy Buy Limit NZD/USD changed the input level with 0,6935 on 0.6980 for. Upgraded the take profit level at 0.7240 is possible 0,7130, with a decrease stop 0,6880 to 0,6900;

sell Sell Limit USD/JPY, reduced the input level from 110.00 to 109.20. Change the take profit from 106,55 to 106,70 increased protective stop so110,25 to 110,40;

Previously open position in USD/CAD Bank Credit Suisse at 1,3277 reached the target profit level at the point of 1.3450 and closed with take profit of 173 pips Fundamental analysis APR

Asian shares recovered from early losses today as the stabilization of commodity prices and especially oil, has supported the interest in risky assets. But markets remain cautious and moderately malnourished are trading in trading ranges, watching the growing tensions in North Korea.

The broad MSCI in the region outside Japan rose 0.3% after falling 0.5% previously. Japanese stocks rose 0.2%, helped by data showing that exports in March rose more than 12% compared to the previous year, while business confidence of manufacturers rose to the levels of 2008. The S&P 500 and Dow in the US weakened slightly.

USD failed to benefit from rising bond yield, and is trading just below the 200-day moving average at the level of 108.85 against the JPY. Futures on crude oil in the U.S. climbed 0.22% to $55.55 per barrel, after it fell by almost 4% at the session, showing the strong intraday low on March 8.


European shares recovered earlier Wednesday, after its largest one-day loss in five months, amid rising banking stocks and positive corporate earnings reports for the first quarter.

the pan-European Stoxx 600 rose 0.2%. Britain's FTSE, meanwhile, increased losses, a decrease of 0.1% as the GBP grew on the background of the announcement of the upcoming early elections. Banking stocks reacted to the six-day losing streak growth, adding 1.8%, did the Bank index leader today's growth.

EUR closed marginally lower against the USD at 1.0710, but at 0.24% above the pound at 0.8375. From a data perspective, a positive trade balance in the Eurozone in February rose to €19.2 billion from €15.7 billion in January, exceeding the consensus forecast of €18 billion.