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Actual trading ideas and Analytics for 21.04.2017

Portal Forex trader 21.04.2017 at 04:52

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Hello, fellow traders! The following table shows potentially interesting for the entrance of trading tools on 21.04.2017

a Calendar of expected events

10:30 Eurozone. The index of business activity in the manufacturing sector (PMI) in Germany

15:30 Canada. The base consumer price index (CPI)

17:00 USA. Sales in the secondary housing market


In a situation where directional movement – a growing trend "degenerated" into flat. We are seeing a narrowing of the Bollinger lines (points 1 and 2), quotes out of the trend channel and move in a rectangle, with support in the form of a 200-period moving average. The resistance is the upper Bollinger tape.

the Point of sale is determined by the maxima of double peaks, just above the Fibonacci level of 50%. At this point, the probability of correction that allows you to quickly translate protective stops trades to breakeven.

Additional base entry will be recorrelate movement of USD/CAD, with the major world currencies.


After complaints from colleagues redrew the graph, putting a vertex, from which was stretched the Fibonacci grid. Additionally, compare the pair with the schedule of the EUR/USD to show how the quotes of the pound ran away from the Euro.

you can Sell the pair from the current levels (above 1.2820) – the transaction is medium, the hand will play as a discrepancy in the movements of currency, and the proximity of the correctional levels of Fibonacci (they match on multiple timeframes). But to do this till Monday, not worth it.

the Overall summary on the market: "climb the fence" — today is the best position or all trades should end today. Sunday elections in France and from which candidates will come in the second round will depend on the size of the gap in the major currency pairs on Monday.

Open orders big banks

Changes for 20.04.2017 Deutsche Bank changed in the current order to sell AUD/NZD, the value of the protective stop, from 1.12 to 1.08 zone. Thus, the stop was in the area of profit At Credit Suisse triggered a sell EUR/JPY at a price 117,10. The Bank lowered stops on existing long AUD/USD at c 0,7473 to 0,7465 and changed the entry price on a Buy Limit order of GBP/USD of 1.2620 to 1,2625 leaving the other parameters (profit and the stop loss level) no change On the EUR/USD Bank Credit Suisse continues to hold the position by sliding below the level of the take profit to 1,0840 New order type Buy Limit USD/CAD exhibited by the Bank Credit Suisse at the level 1,3405 with take profit and stop 1.3350 levels of 1.36 Last in the order. The changes triggered a Sell on USD/JPY from Credit Suisse on the sale price 109,20 Fundamental analysis APR

Asian shares gained on the back of strong corporate earnings in the United States and renewed prospects of tax reforms in the U.S. market. The Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin said that soon will present a plan to reduce taxes and predicted that it would be adopted by Congress this year.

The broad MSCI stock Asia-Pacific outside Japan added 0.6%, but losing 0.3% this week. Japan's Nikkei rose 0.9%, to a weekly increase of 1.4%. Chinese shares added 0.35%, while Hong Kong rose 0.4%. Indexes on wall street closed with gains of 0.75 to 0.9%. It is expected that first-quarter earnings of S&P 500 to be 11.1%.

USD weakened slightly to the level of 109.22 against the JPY, while retaining most of the gains, 0.4% received on Thursday. USD will add about 0.6% this week. The index tracks the USD against the value of American currency against other major currencies, rose slightly and is kept at around 99.82, but lost 0.7% this week.


European shares rose on Thursday as investors welcomed the strong tendency of corporate profit, where Man Group and Pandora more than met their profit forecasts, while shares of French companies ahead of risks associated with the first round of the presidential elections that will take place at the end of this week.

the pan-European Stoxx 600 index ended the session 0.2% higher. The French CAC 40 outperformed other European indexes and jumped by 1.5%, noting its best day since early March. Indexes grew also because of the banking sectors, where the French BNP Paribas and Societe Generale added 4 and 2.8%, respectively. But trade stocks in the energy sector has shifted to negative territory.

the EUR strengthened slightly against USD at the level of 1.0716. On Thursday, he rose to 1.0778, the highest level since March 29, but then retreated to close only slightly higher after shots on the Champs Elysees, where one policeman was killed and two others seriously injured.

All traders have a good trade and a good spring weekend!