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Flow forecast of the major currency pairs on 25.04.2017

Portal Forex trader 25.04.2017 at 04:57

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Hello, fellow traders! The elections are "forgotten" financial markets for two weeks, and focus on the ECB meeting, which will take place on Thursday this week.

economic Calendar

17:00 USA. New home sales


In the discussions, analysts, published yesterday, raised the issue of the yen. Consider it using indicator market profile.

On the daily charts is represented by "slices" zones "quarter of trading", in gray color indicate the region where the price was more than 70% of the time (for Gauss distribution).

you See a pair in a short-term deal, setting a Sell Limit pending order on the boundary of the zone, hoping to take the correction to growth (the pullback from the zone boundary).

Two support lines (1) moved from the "historical" profiles of the market, "past", the matching blocks. The area in which the formed gap, is considered an area of low resistance, a "force" which is determined by the length of the column of the horizontal histogram.


the growth Trend of the currency pair, originating from 2011, began to decline. Peaks of recent highs, almost more than the previous, taking "a correction for the volatility".

after Taking as high, for obvious fundamental reasons, prices of end-2008 and projecting the Fibonacci lines for a minimum of 2001 will see the current limitation of the growth of the correctional level of 61.8. This is the ideal point of forming a long term short.

Single line – to sell GBP/USD added shorts at 1.3550 USD/CAD, the reasons for the sale was considered on Friday.

Open orders big banks

Changes for 24.04.2017 the Bank Credit Suisse worked a pending Sell Limit on EUR/GBP at the price of 0.8437. Stop levels of this order are at 0.8515, TP – 0.8168. Credit Suisse has placed a pending Sell Limit on USD/JPY at 110.50. Take profit orders — 108.40, stop 111.15. The previous transaction for this currency went by the stop — Sell price open 109.20, closed at 110.40 minus 120 pips. The deal on EUR/USD opened by Bank Credit Suisse earlier long, with the price of 1.0590, brought to 250 pips, with take profit at the opening of markets on Monday. Open the EUR/JPY sold to Credit Suisse at the level of 117.10 closed at 117.95 and stop loss of 85 pips. The Bank decided to accommodate the new putting Buy Limit at 118.00, with a stop 116.95 and TP at the level of 122.00. Entrance via previously placed Buy Limit on NZD/USD moved to Credit Suisse 0.7005, the level of stop loss and take profit remained unchanged. Also changed the order on AUD/USD, take profit of existing long offset lower -0.7610 is 0.7623. A new placement has occurred at Credit Suisse on USD/CHF – Sell Limit 1,0010, take to 0.99, and a stop – 1.0060; EUR/USD Buy Limit 1.0790, with a stop 1.0710 and take 1.1120. Bank Morgan Stanley has opened a position on the GBP/JPY long at the level of 141.00, with a stop and take 137.50 148.00. Fundamental analysis APR

Asian stocks advanced on Tuesday, as renewed risk appetite after the victory of the centrist in the first round of the French presidential election have moved a number of regional markets to multi-year highs, while the EUR continues to increase profits. The assets of "safe haven", including the Japanese currency and gold remain under pressure.

The broad stock index of the region MSCI rose by 0.35% to its highest level in more than three weeks, noting the four-day growth. Japan's Nikkei added 0.8%. Kospi in South Korea rose 0.4% to its highest level since April 2015 once the second largest company SK Hynix reported a record net profit in the first quarter. Chinese stocks in the CSI 300 gained 0.1%. Wall street indexes rose from 1.1 to 1.3%.

USD rose 0.4% to 110.085 JPY, an increase of 0.6% earlier on Monday. A strong year of profitability in the U.S. also lifted the mood of investors and 77% of the firms reported first quarter results. This week in Asia, investors expect a lot of news: inflation data for the first quarter for Australia and Japan, the BoJ's decision on interest rates and the level of Japanese unemployment and GDP of Taiwan and South Korea.


the Victory of the candidate on a post of the President of France Emmanuel Makron in the first round last weekend, dramatically spurred the growth of the stock on the continent where the German DAX jumped to a record high level, even despite the fact that the caution of the investors was no less a record.

the French CAC 40 rose by 4.14%, followed by growth of 3.37% for the German DAX, while the index of expected volatility on the VStoxx EuroStoxx 50 fell by 35.24% to 16.25. However, Italian stocks showed the best result, where the Mibtel index in Milan rose by 4.77%.

the EUR was at the level of 1.0858 against the USD on Tuesday, just below Monday's closing. He retained a large part of the 1.3% of growth obtained on Monday, which was the strongest one-day rate for 10-1/2 months and gave currency to a maximum of 5-1/2 months.