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Analytical review of the main currency pairs in 26.04.2017

Portal Forex trader 26.04.2017 at 04:37

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Hello, fellow traders! Below are a few recommendations on trade in the currency Forex markets on 26.04.2017

economic Calendar

04:30 Australia. The consumer price index

15:30 Canada. Retail sales index

17:30 US. Oil reserves


Published earlier approximate entry point of this pair. The quotes have reached the upper boundary of the uptrend (daily chart). Waiting for a reversal trade contratrend by installing a pending order at the level, plus one tick of yesterday's daily high.

the causes of the input:

Prices, in the passage above, "rested" in the downward resistance of the upper line of the rising channel. The growth was preceded by a strong movement (gap), the remaining unclosed. Left no candles, i.e., dealing with a strongly pronounced trend. The horizontal resistance level is "broken" support the "election" of the channel. Quotes approached the lower base of the "candle trump" (1) to see what the outcome of previous growth (2), this is important from a fundamental point of view, the figure. At the end of this week expiring 100-day term, we expect the publication of the tax reform from Donald trump. GBP/USD

the Price of the British pound "froze" – it makes to check the validity of the prior entry into a short.

will Hold a candlestick analysis chart of the pair. On the face of the combination "a Flock of birds on top of the tower" — pulse height (1) candle-towers resulted in a "sluggish motion" candlestick birds. The figure predicts the reversal of an uptrend.

One line – three short pairs: USD/JPY, USD/CAD – short GBP/USD tries to hold on medium of course.

Open orders big banks

Changes for 25.04.2017

Bank Credit Suisse:

Work, previously placed Buy Limit on NZD/USD. Entrance with a stop at 0.7005 0.6900 and take 0.7240. Worked yesterday "warrant block" on the pair USD/JPY with a strike price of 110.50, subsequently closed by the stop at 111.15. This is the second order in a row, "outgoing" in the negative. Move 10 PP entry long on EUR/JPY, now it is 118.10, protective stop and take profit remained unchanged. Changes have affected the Buy Limit USD/CAD. Changed the entrance level, with 1.3405 at 1.3445 and stop 1.3350 to 1.3400. Then this order was cancelled after hours, so in the table, this line does not. Held short EUR/GBP from level 0.8437, came to a stop and closed with a negative result in 78 pips.

Deutsche Bank:

has Closed the order with profit 100 pips on AUD/NZD. open in 1.09, not waiting for the "target" of the take. Put on AUD/USD Sell Limit prices log 0.76, stop in and take 0.80 0.70. Fundamental analysis APR

Asian stock indices continued to rise because of renewed optimism in the attitude of the world's largest economies highlighted the prospects for risky assets, while the Euro holds previous successes, the weakening of the political problems in France.

the broadest MSCI equity index in the region outside Japan rose 0.3% and is trading near the highs of June 2015. Stock markets in Japan and Australia also rose. On wall street the S&P 500 added 0.61%, the Nasdaq rose 0.70%, while industrial Dow Jones rose by 1.12%.

USD weakened against most major rivals, but strengthened against the JPY, an increase of 0.3% on the level of 111.37. The AUD has weakened by almost 0.2% against the greenback and kept at 1.3294 against the USD. JPY is on the defensive with a decrease from 0.1 to 0.8% against other major currencies. On the news front it is anticipated that trump will talk about the details of tax reform, and in particular on the reduction in the corporate tax rate and reducing taxes on offshore earnings accumulated by U.S. companies abroad.


European stock markets rise on the fundamental political factors, as well as positive economic data figures showed an increase of inflows into European mutual funds in March to $100 billion And today investors are also attracted to the improving economy and a more favorable political climate.

the Stoxx Europe 600 added 0.2% after it rose to the highs of August 2015, the company informed. This year, the index rose 7.1%. Corporate profits also stimulated growth, where was the leader of AMS shares with a growth of 19.6% to record highs after the chip maker reported revenues for the first quarter exceeded the forecast.

On currency markets, EUR holds strong growth, obtained this week after a centrist Emmanuel macron has won the first round of presidential voting in France. The EUR is trading at 1.0935 against the USD, published earlier on Monday, the strongest growth over the past 10-1/2 months to raise the currency to 5-1/2-month highs.