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New is forgotten old

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 28.04.2017 at 09:35

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Dear friends! The time has come to dispel the not quite correct idea of the technologies used in the development of unimodular Laboratorii Infotech.

Many people in acquaintance with these devices think it's some super-duper new technology, hitherto unknown to chelovechestvu. Besides, it is not clear on what principles they work.

And in General, all this nonsense and fiction esoterica. And some even include these technologies somehow magical .

this is why we often hear the argument that it doesn't work, because it just can't work by definition.

That is, people do not even bother at least a little bit to understand the subject matter, but their opinions still stand.

So, I want to please you - these technologies even known to man since ancient times. Imagine we are not the first to think about this. Because the issues of harmonious interaction with the outside world are worried about the person at all times.

►To solve this problem, for many centuries, had developed various effective techniques and methods, as we would now say, of energy-informative impact on the world.

►People noticed when that changed as their physical and emotional state, and often there are positive changes and on the event plan.

►With this knowledge was present in all cultures. However, in those days they wore the iconic character and was accessible only to the elite, that is people specially trained.

As we can see, people already knew that a painful condition (physical, emotional, mental, social) is the result of disharmony. And is only to give the body a chance to recover a harmonious relationship with the world and with himself, how will begin to manifest fully in its ability to regulate and heal itself, and heal itself. And they all possible ways tried to restore harmony!

In many ancient communities were known and special devices that in ancient, cleansed from all "nasties" and harmonized the surrounding space.

a Similar device played the role of assistants in the solution of well-defined tasks. First of all, to protect from arrows from the enemy, from the "evil eye", etc., To bring good luck, to change the event number, as well as in the treatment of various diseases.

Examples of such devices have been and remain various talismans and charms. The simplest of them was carried out with the use of natural materials: stones, plants, animals, fragments, etc. More complex devices have been using that symbol system. The basis of these systems consisted of different geometric shapes. It could be volumetric (three-dimensional) shapes or structures, as well as a flat image, simply put, pictures. the most famous of them is (Yantra, mandala, pantacles, etc.

by the Way, remember the costumes of the people of the world and the patterns by which they were embellished. The main point of these patterns protective!

Today, this knowledge was a new development and come to people in a form accessible to all, in particular in the form of unimodular Lab Infotech.

moreover, this knowledge began to receive theoretical justification. Appeared modern scientific theories that explain what is the basis for harmonizing the positive impact that certain forms and signs on the surrounding space and the person.

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