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Digest investor May

Portal Forex trader 29.04.2017 at 13:48

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Hello, fellow Forex investors!

May. In Russia there comes the holiday season and the markets are preparing for the second round of elections in France.

the global geopolitical tensions dominate markets, although in recent days and I can feel a late April thaw. Risk appetite grow, and therefore it's time to line up the passing months, to assess the success of PAMM-governors and to outline the prospects for the future. As always the most current PAMM investment — in our monthly digest.

PAMM-investing — a special mechanism of trust management for the financial market Forex. Us PAMM accounts are trading tens of thousands of professional traders, trade data and statistics which are publicly available to potential investors. For this last approach — the ability to efficiently rebalance the portfolio of new assets, and the Manager may increase the volume of trading operations.

In this review we rate the PAMM-accounts from the brokers: Alpari, Instaforex, Roboforex and Forex4You. In the beginning, as usual, fluent assessment of events in the markets in April.

the news of April

Geopolitical tensions have significantly eased after the first round of the French presidential elections, where centrist macron overtook the ultra-right-eurosceptic Le Pen, the campaign which played a significant role in the development of the trading dynamics of the European currency this month.

the Euro has lost over 850 points (-0.79%) for three sessions in the beginning of the month — April 5-7, and approximately 630 points in two days in the middle (13.-14.04). Was drawdown during the early part of the twentieth numbers, but the gap of almost 2000 points on 24.04 returned the single currency on an upward trajectory. Doubt that Emmanuel macron will win the election almost does not remain. But do not be deceived about the duration of the bullish trend on the Euro, which is experiencing pressure from the growing process Brekzita and stimulating policy of the ECB — which is not in a hurry to raise interest rates.

the US dollar Index decreased by 1.30%. After sprang appetite for the Euro, the American position has worsened, but then you can expect a correction, because this background of renewed interest in risk as a whole.

Interest in Japanese yen, on the contrary, prevailed most of the month — reflecting the global demand for hedging of currency risks through the assets of "safe haven". And again, the situation changed radically after the French elections. On the data front, Japanese inflation accelerated, but still far from target levels, so that monetary policy will remain unchanged in the near future.

the Pound found support in renewed processes Bracito, where the Prime Minister Theresa may has decided to strengthen the lobby of the transition period due to the early parliamentary elections which can already take place on 8 June.

the Aussie also rose against the background of growing interest in risk, but the loonie failed to take advantage of this potential because of quarrels with trump's timber export in the United States. Swiss franc stable due to rising Euro, however, is significantly limited in growth due to low demand for hedging through the Swiss.

On commodity markets gold is cheaper for the same reason — there is a growing demand for riskier assets, while oil is losing value due to growing inventories in the United States. A separate comment deserves the situation on the Korean Peninsula and the middle East, which are also muted in the last days of April. Should I wait for the return of global geopolitical turmoil is unknown.

, pari


ROBOT_CONSERVATIVE – yield for the last year is 36%. In the trade grid strategy is used with all its advantages and disadvantages. Does not inspire confidence and some merged accounts in the archive. Drawdown at the moment does not exceed 40%, with a peak in July last year. April -14% loss. Welcome to the discussion on our forum .

Perpetuum Mobile. – return over the past year is 83%. On account of a work complex of several automatic strategies, the purpose of which, according to the Manager's approval, is the mutual compensation of the subsidence. However, the maximum drawdown currently stands at about 50%. For April, we have 12% profit. Join the discussion on our forum .

PEKOPDCMEH – over-year profitability of the project amounted to 2%, with less than 5% of equity under management. Trade is conducted both manually and with a robot. The maximum relative loss is about 37%. We recommend you to invest up to 5% of the capital. For April +2% profit. Despite the fact that last year trade was noted by only zero output, the account is now in 10th place.

IntraDay PAMM – yield PAMM project for the year is -8%, with 18% of own funds Manager. In trade is a strategy for the spreads, given the intermediate trend. Mainly trading pound, US dollar, Euro and canadian. We recommend you to invest up to 5% of the capital. For April +2% profit.

Bo$$$ – return for the last year is 9%. In trade is 7% of equity. When Martin strongly denied. To trade with fixed size stop loss and take profit. Maximum relative drawdown is 20%. We recommend you to invest up to 5% of the capital. April -3% loss.

Lucky Pound — year yield was 103%. Own funds