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The may event for you, friends!

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 01.05.2017 at 11:29

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Dear friends, in honor of the wonderful holiday is declared for the whole of may the "may campaign" of discounts.

This means that 1 to may 31, you and your friends can purchase unimodularity with festive discounts.

This promotion is for guests and club members.

For guests is a discount from the base price of unimodular.

For club members, such as additional discounts to their club discounts.

the Conditions represented in the two tables below.

the Restrictions on the number of purchased unimodular for this action.

TABLE 1 is for guests.

the Name of unimodular base price RUB.

Value subject to holiday discounts, RUB

Individual: breeze-3, breeze-4, Torch, the nymph of the individual, the centaur (EM months), Tigris individual, the Pilot, Spring ind., Svyatogor, KIT-4 2280,0 2090,0

Wall - /table-Nymph, Tigris, Spring 2280,0 2090,0

Unimodularity breeze, With, Unicorn, Jaguar 3420,0 3116,0

EM breeze-7 (from may 1 to 15 on a BD-7 20% discount)

6840,0 6080,0

Individual inomoderator Fairy, Phoenix 5700,0 5130,0

EM Owl, Sail 11400,0 10260,0

Inomoderator Octopus - protection from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation 760,0 646,0

TABLE 2 is for members of the club.

the Name of modulators of Holiday discounts in KE - club units

Discount in rubles

EM individual: breeze-3, breeze-4, Torch, the centaur (EM months), Tigris individual, the Pilot, Spring ind., Svyatogor, KIT-4 5 KE 190,0

EM Tigris , table Spring 5 KE 190,0

EM breeze-With, a unicorn, a Jaguar 8 KE 304,0

uh Board of Briz-7 ("Board")

20 KE 760,0

EM individual Fairy, Phoenix 15 KE 570,0

EM Owl, Sail 30 KE 1140,0

EM Octopus 3 KE 114,0

For labor veterans and world war II discounts more! They are discounts for the birthday Bonus!

discounts on the birthday Bonus can be found on this page.


Dear members, we remind you again that discounts on shares are added to your club discounts, which, as you remember, gives a very pleasing result.

Become a member of our club can be anyone who have at least one EM Infotech or three of EM Octopus! As you can see, to be a member of the club is not only interesting and useful but also profitable!

don't forget to tell us about our "May promotions" to your family and friends. Give them a chance to change your life.

the offer is valid until 31 may! If You have questions, please call the office (495) 917-2743, 502-5944

weekdays from 13-00 till 19-00

on Saturday if you call in advance

from 13-00 to 17-00

Sunday we have a day off

Your KIT.


And best of all, come to the club and find out first hand.

We are always happy to see You!


the Schedule of the club during the may holidays:

29,30,1 - closed

2,3,4,5 - office works

6 may, Saturday, the office is working on a preliminary call to the phone number.

7,8,9 - weekend

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