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Overview of trading ideas in major currency pairs on 01.05.2017

Portal Forex trader 30.04.2017 at 18:41

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Hello, fellow traders! I congratulate you on the First of may!

economic Calendar

Europe and Asia are celebrating labor Day.

17:00 USA. PMI.


Since mid-December last year, the trend in the pair is facing down. In tekuma situa/AI can be considered counter-trend a trade buy — in the area of quotes for 0.9850-0.9800 because

Week of news related to the Central Banks of developed countries and GDP data ended flat, reaching new lows, flat formed above the 200-period moving average and previous the fall of quotes below the curve of the indicator was purchased

the Price level is taken on the indicator "Donchian channel", the length of the section which tells us about the power support line.


Friday's trading session "otrisovka" reversal candle is a classic pin bar — many times increasing the chances of a reversal of quotations in this pair.

the Pin bar is within the range of the previous candle and has a support on the level of resistance.

beyond the top of the December highs has caused sales; the lack of "acceleration" in quotes on the output hints at a false breakout.

Open orders big banks

Change in 28.04.2017

Morgan Stanley

put pending order Buy Limit on USD/JPY with an entry price of 111.00, take 120 and stop 109.00; closed order GBP/JPY, earlier opened long at 141.00 with a score of 332 pips;


modify the stop in the current shorte on NZD/USD from the level of 0.6960 on 0.6935;

Credit Suisse

entered at the price of 0.6867 shorts on NZD/USD with a stop at 0.6960 and take 0.6715; put, long USD/CAD, with an entry price of 1.3600, 1.3520 stop and take 1,3840; opened long GBP/USD at a price of 1.2934, TP 1.3120, stop 1.2759; closed the position at EUR/GBP, opened on 0,8414 profit 10 pips; Fundamental analysis of ATR — Eurozone

Asian stocks started with modest increase this week while Japanese equities gained amid strong data on the corporate front, profits, and the USD recovered as the congressmen introduced bipartisan agreement on the package of financing costs of the Federal government.

MSCI Index in the region is almost unchanged since Friday. Japan's Nikkei added 0.4%, where high-tech blue chips especially showed itself. Many markets in Asia and Europe closed for labour Day. Asian stocks initially experienced amid the downward momentum on wall street after data showed that the U.S. economy grew at the weakest pace in three years in the first quarter.

USD rising 0.1% to 111.67 JPY near 4-week high of 111.780 made last month. However, earlier in the session JPY is still in demand of hedgers and strengthened against the American currency, pointing also to the missile test in North Korea. But the USD regains traction and maybe the uptrend will prevail this week — provided that if the escalation of geopolitical disagreements with North Korea will not resume.

the single currency weakened on Friday after data on inflation in the Eurozone exceeded expectations and has come closer to the European Central Bank's target. The EUR is still in the range 5-1/2-month highs at 1.0951 USD.