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Spring and autumn lawn care

Yellow Home 02.05.2017 at 11:22

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Lawn refers to the background elements of the garden landscape and can occupy a large land area. Today it can be seen in almost every country ownership.


to enhance the beauty of the surrounding space, grass must be in perfect condition, so it will have how to care. The process is year-round, but most trouble delivers lawn care in spring and autumn. Let's see how to prepare the live carpet for the winter to spring there was a minimum of problems with his adjustment and to bring in divine form.

Autumn lawn care

Independent maintenance of the lawn, without the involvement of specialists – it is daunting. You just think, because with this approach, everything will depend solely on your skills and knowledge. You will be responsible for the shoot of the grass, whether it is thick, not whether the attack on the lawn pests and serious disease. No less exciting will be the period of cold weather. The survival of the grass under a thick snow layer? To have a beautiful lawn that you worked all summer, does not become extinct in the wasteland, it is necessary to correctly prepare the area for the winter.

To care for your lawn in the fall is important the following procedures:

1. Cutting the grass.

lawn Mowing

2. Watering.


3. Aeration of the soil.

Tool to aerate the lawn

4. Feeding.

top Dressing lawn

Data work for lawn care in the fall should be done before the first frost. What and when to do, tell the gardener's calendar.


during this period, heat is actively on the decline, and begin the first autumn rains. A month is just perfect for decorating a new or correction of existing lawn. If his area was regularly monitored and continuously complied with all prescribed regulations, standard procedures, it is likely that the need for any radical action will be. In the case where the lawn was covered with bald spots, overgrown weeds or burned out, will have to rectify the negligence and to do some overseeding. This will simplify lawn care in the spring. Technology implementation activities are not too complicated and is carried out in a specific pattern.

Overseeding affected areas

On the damaged area have a low to mow the grass and remove it from site. Further, the cultivator or rake loosen the top soil layer to a depth of about 15 cm Airy a surface level and produce seeds. Now you need to seal or roll the top layer of soil. This is done using a sheet of plywood or wide boards. Complete the procedure, copious irrigation of the entire lawn.

Overseeding lawn

sparse Overseeding lawn

are the Lawn rake, rychle his upper soil Soi 1.5 cm deep. Do it boldly, do not be afraid to damage the existing landing. To serious consequences, as during the spring lawn care, it will not. The grass is strong enough. The mixture is spread manually on the area, and we must try to do-sow the seeds evenly. The final step will also be watering the lawn.

To stimulate germination you should fertilize seeded area of lawn fertilizer N-P-K.


This is also the month of the sowing season. The soil is prepared in a standard way, that is loose and cultivated. It is important to calculate the time of sowing, taking into account the specifics of the weather conditions. Arisen in the winter the grass should not be below 10 cm it is Possible to devise and execute late sowing. In this case laid in the ground seeds primatyvajutsja cushion given the fact that they did not have time to hatch this year. They will spend the winter in the ground and will delight you with germination only in the early spring.

To not have time to rise, the seeds primatyvajutsja roller

October – a month of active autumn lawn care. Special emphasis is placed on fertilizer of the soil. Priority of choice should be phosphorus-potassium mixture. Their nutrients promote winter hardiness of grasses and stimulate the growth of root, strengthen plant tissue at the cellular level. The latter increases the resistance of vegetation to disease. Fertilizers are made with the use of special seeders or manually. Making – immediately after cutting. Fertilized soil should be thoroughly watered.

Phosphorus-potassium mixture will increase the winter hardiness of the lawn

If you use a complex nutrient mixtures, choose those where the nitrogen is present in minimum doses. This item is a stimulant and will need when caring for your lawn in the spring. The young shoots are expelled with it in the fall, will be totally unprepared to resist the cold, leading to freezing of the lawn.

to maintain the water-air regime of soil on the lawn, the latter is subjected to aeration, that is, the piercing of the fork. This is one of the main methods of lawn care in the fall. It will prevent wygnania green carpet during heavy rains and also help to protect the soil from freezing and the icy coating film, which is detrimental to the roots of the grass.

the Aeration will protect the soil from freezing

Work is carried out on dry soil. Immersion depth of the forks – to 25, see Using special design fork with hollow teeth valid once at 2 years.


Proper fall lawn care – an indicator of how he will spend the winter. It is largely affected, as was held last haircut. It is usually carried out in the first days of the month, with the expectation that the vegetation has had time to recover from the procedure, recover and even to grow up a bit. Prepared for the winter lawn, the grass should have a height of 6-8 cm longer shoots will freeze, and the shorter will suffer from lack of oxygen.

Prepared for the winter the lawn needs to have a height of 6-8 cm

November is the time of active leaf drop. Otmuchivanie paint thick blanket lay on the lawn, depriving the grass of access to light. The vegetation loses its richness of color, becomes pale, and with frequent rains and begins to rot with the fallen leaves. Do not think that foliage cover has protective properties. Here, again, everything is exactly the opposite. For a long time lain on the lawn of leaves, clean after mowing grass, needles and waste products of animals slipping in the felt layer, almost impervious to rain water, but it creates excellent conditions for the development of mold and mildew by preventing ventilation. Don't forget to care for your lawn in the autumn to thoroughly clean it of debris.

Thoroughly clean the lawn of debris and leaves

with regard to repair lawns, often it is delayed to March-April and do it in vain. It is possible that the relative seeding grass and it's the right decision, it is quite possible to spend during lawn care in the spring, but the leveling of ruts and potholes on its surface is better in the winter. They poured a mixture of leaf humus and sand. His portion, it immediately rams. After correction field it is necessary to fill a mix of peat, dry compost. This will increase the fertility of depleted over the summer soil.


the Layers of vegetable wastes detrimental effect on the lawn, so they should be removed, but how to insulate tender grass, so she was comfortable for the winter? This will need to hold Molchanovka. The composition of this mixture is determined by the specifics of the soil. In the optimal variant it is prepared from equal portions of soil, peat and sand. Scatter the mulch in the planted area and can safely wait for the arrival of cold weather.

Mulching lawn

Spring lawn care

"Unharvested in the primary lawn care in the spring the snow will trigger serious formation of puddles, which in turn can cause rotting grass"

a Beautiful lawn requires care, so do not delay work on its beautification "for later". Attention of lawn coverage should begin from the very first warm days. Try not to break out of the schedule and cannot move the deadlines. What needs to be done?

1. To divert melt water.

This event from the category obligatory. Begin to engage them at the very first signs of melting snow. Unharvested in the primary lawn care in the spring the snow will trigger serious formation of puddles, which in turn can cause rotting of the grass. In General, for the removal of melt water from the territory of the pitch must meet the drainage system that you had to equip before seeding the site with grass. But if you chose to disregard this recommendation, you will have to take up the shovel and get rid of the snow deposits manually. That's not a good idea because you can not do from treading on the green zone, according to the rules it is strictly forbidden to do, not only in spring and autumn lawn care, in General, in any season. Remaining on the grass tracks will be difficult to mask.

the Drainage system of the lawn

2. To make the dressing.

This is done in the period of the final warming, but prior to the growth of young grass. Try not to miss the moment, otherwise you devour the greens. And again. Do not try to make a more nutritious mix. Surplus chemicals will not benefit the plants. Stick to the rules always indicated on the label stock.

Feeding is carried out prior to the growth of young grass

3. To clean up the garbage.

by Combing the lawn engaged after absorption by the soil fertilizer. It will take a garden rake. Pass them lawn it will be necessary both in longitudinal and in transverse direction. This way you will be able to collect formed in winter felt and scrape the area free from accumulation of debris and ratrakov solid cortical surface of the soil to improve air exchange in the root zone.

4. Perform soil aeration.

this can be Done in two ways:

a) using the aerator;

b) by mechanical means.

the Main objective of the procedure is to prevent the formation of seals in the soil and waterlogging. The greatest attention should be paid to moss-grown places. During the spring lawn care perforation of the soil is performed less deep than in the care of the lawn in the fall. Its depth is only 8 cm

the Spring aeration of the soil occurs less deeply

5. To prepare the irrigation system.

the Ideal moisture lawn of any size is drip irrigation. If possible, you should arrange automated irrigation. Ensure the lawn is moistened evenly. For this you will need to properly distribute on its territory sprinklers.

lawn irrigation System

6. To get rid of weeds.

In principle, this procedure is year-round, tedious, but extremely necessary. Weeds do not just spoil the aesthetic appearance of the landscape background, they inhibit the growth of grass. To deal with an unwanted addition when caring for your lawn in spring and autumn it is possible by chemical means or by mechanical means. In the first case, using spectrapure – herbicides. Processing chemicals produce in the early morning or at sunset, and only in calm weather. The method is good for grooming large lawns. Don't forget about security issues. Wear protective clothing, respirator, gloves. On a small area of lawn you can get rid of weeds, pulling them by hand. During mechanical removal of plants should I try to pull them out by the roots. You can use a small shovel or kearneysville.

Weeding the lawn

As we mentioned, each job has its own timing. To make it easier to navigate the intricacies of spring lawn care, professionals made up a monthly calendar of events.


the Time of active snowmelt. All the effort in the first half will be focused on the prevention of stagnation of melt water. With ineffective drainage of the soil or the absence of such a system will have to be addressed by radical, throwing snow balls to the side and hareruya the soil with a pitchfork. This should be done will be with great care and accuracy, especially on young lawns, so as to wet the ground easily form ruts, potholes and deep traces of ugrozhaya in the soft soil of the feet. In subsequent seasons, try to solve the task of lawn care in the fall.


progresshas Dried and ground signal to the spring fertilizing of grass. The priority must be nitrogen-containing compounds. This component is responsible for the stimulation of plant growth and help the lawn to recover faster after winter. As for the number of feeding, the average 40 squares of lawn will need about 1 kilogram pile of manure warming the mixture.

Nitrogen fertiliser stimulates the growth of the lawn

In the middle of the month carry out routine particulaly lawn. This procedure removes dead stems, rotting leaves and other trapped on the lawn. Quality loosening the surface soil layer will contribute to the prevention of plant diseases. After combing inspect with a critical eye on your yard and rate the degree of density of its planting. When thinned germination of shoots you can spend reseeding grass, if it was not done with autumn lawn care. Correctly sow a grass mixture similar to that which has already been seeded area. This way you save the integrity of the background in the color aspect. Overseeding is carried out as follows: seeds are evenly scattered across the site, after which it is well watered.

the Spring particulate lawn

it Often happens that the surface of the lawn area is covered with potholes and grooves. The reason for this may be neglect of the drainage works. Instead of a smooth green surface you see the likeness of a minefield. These flaws during the spring lawn care will have to be addressed. In the resulting meadows fill up the soil which is brought from other parts of the garden. It is thoroughly loosened, leveled and seeded with grass seeds. The earth, in place seeding, compacted. Watering leave for the evening. Hydration will be subject to the entire area of the lawn, and not only resuscitated zone.

End of month can also be a time of making application. It's the deadline of the procedure, but with the nutrition of the soil it is better not to tighten.


To the beginning of this month, all the major work, put in the care of the lawn in the spring, is nearing the end. Grass is actively growing, and thus necessity in her first haircut. Gardeners with experience recommend low mowing of green carpet the first time. Exposure soft greens can lead to tragic consequences. The lawn will turn into a scorched desert. Gentle's haircut, which will left not less than 5 cm shoots, on the contrary, contribute to strengthen the cover that will allow next time to cut the grass far below. When performing work, use a mower with a grass catcher. If in your everyday life there, the plant residues will have to collect manually. Do not leave them on the lawn. They can cause rotting of the roots.

a lawn Mower with a grass catcher.

unfortunately, may becomes the month of the beginning of the trouble. In this period manifested the first foci of the lesions of the disease, so in addition to the standard spring lawn care you will have to start his rehabilitation.

lawn Disease and control

"to Defend the territory from adversity will help processing plants in spring and autumn lawn care with copper sulfate and adequate watering without waterlogging of the soil"

the more this hurts lawn grass?

1. Powdery mildew.

Powdery mildew

2. Fusarium.


3. Fungal diseases.

Fungal disease lawn

Protect territory from adversity will help processing plants in spring and autumn lawn care with copper sulfate and adequate watering without waterlogging the soil. If the disease has already spread enough to have to resort to drastic measures. First of all, running low cut grass in the affected area, followed by either deep loosening soil, or digging with a turning formation. The land is left to rest for about a week, and then again inoculated. For restoration of lawn, you can interplant fast-growing varieties of grasses.

the detection during of lawn care in the spring of the fungus, the soil is better to replace all completely pereseyat.

With the defeat of lawn fungus, the soil should be replaced

, Process is not only affected area, but also capture the cm 20 healthy crops. Thus, you prevent them from spreading over the entire area of the lawn.

the worst is the case with Fusarium. The problem is that the disease is transmitted not only through contaminated soil in the lawn care fall and spring, but also in the air, so do not amuse themselves with the hope that the patient by Fusarium grass on the neighboring property is a localized process and you are not in danger. Just a few days, silvery or pinkish Islands glued grass will be in your area. The affected area not more than 20 cm in diameter, but they can be quite a lot. From the outside, it seems that the grass is covered with snow. Greens quickly dries up and turns into dead wood. If you have noticed the disease at a very early stage, immediately treat the surface systemic fungicide. In severe cases you will have to remove the turf and reseed the area, which is exhausting and expensive.

the detection of Fusarium treat the lawn with fungicide

to get Rid of lichens will allow liming to enter into the plan of care treatments for your lawn in the spring. Lowering of acidity of the soil is the simplest method of removing parasitic plants.

the Appearance of algae suggests a poor drainage of the soil and its redundant sealing.

But red niewinnosci can be considered a real shame grower. It is a sign of abandonment of the lawn.

Because insemination parasitic flora, the grass takes on a reddish color. Riot of greenery gives way to straw stubble. Special ways of dealing with the problem does not exist. Here it is only necessary to properly perform a spring and especially autumn lawn care. Bring it in order to help dressing and combing grass.

Red niewinnosci


lawn Care in the spring will require diligence and attention. Do not be lazy to regularly assess the condition of the soil, vegetative cover and do not neglect the activities on offer. In this case, your work is really rewarded and you, the envy of all the neighbors, get on the site perfectly flat lush green lawn.

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