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The special role of the corridor and hallway in the apartment design

Yellow Home 04.05.2017 at 06:55

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Open the door of his apartment and happily exhale – "I'm home!". Not "Where to put your bag?", "Again, all the shoes are lined with...", "Dark something", and "Home!". If your life is not, it is time to decisively change the design of the hallway.


To return home was joyful, you should figure out how to create a good mood. Where to start? With the development of the entire project corridor, including ergonomics, lighting, design elements.

In the process of change it is useful to look at the house through the eyes of the guests their impression about it friends are in the hallway. Poorly lit room, the guards, the overcrowding and lack of convenient hangers was disappointing, and unfortunate color scheme of the walls is disappointing. Subsequently, perhaps, an unfortunate acquaintance with the flat smooth tastefully decorated living room, but as they say, "the residue will remain."

the design of the corridor is aimed to focus the style of the apartment

Hall must be a nice prelude to the meeting house, and the design of the corridor in a modern apartment designed to accentuate its style and join the room of diverse assignments in a complete ensemble.

Serious questions arise with the design of hallways, small, narrow or awkward configuration, but professional designers has developed turnkey solutions for the planning, selection of furniture, accessories and color options such "problem" areas. Regardless of the size, proportions and other characteristics that have to be taken as a given, hall should be comfortable and attractive.

the Hallway should be comfortable and attractive

Our task is to summarize the experience of designers, to meet efficient planning concepts, examples of wall decoration in the hallway, to understand the role of small architecture elements and lighting in the formation of expressive design. Spectacular photos of completed projects hallways inspire!

the unusual layout small hallway: a minimum of one square meter

, Few satisfied with the size of your own home, however, a good design of the corridor and rooms is able to reconcile us with the choice of budget accommodation. Moreover, the tendency to purchase small apartments can be traced in all countries and carries a rational message – corresponds to the culture of mobility, freedom, development.


One-half of the square area under the hall and into the Studio apartment should not lead owners to despair. Actually, what you need to do upon entering the house? Remove your shoes and outerwear. Recollect the reasonable minimalism – a hook on the wall, console seat and a shelf for two pairs of shoes accommodate even 1m2.

the sleek design of a small hallway

Expressive accessories

the Limited space, it would seem, free from concerns for acquisition of furniture and the cost of finishing, but it can be an interesting artistic idea. The layout and design of miniature hallway in the spirit of forced minimalism does not exclude the use of unusual art objects.

the Bright accents in the hallway

delicate wrought-iron hanger, bronze hooks, brutal metal stool, a mirror in a thin frame on the wall or door, exquisite reproductions or bright poster in the narrow pier, exclusive lamps – these items are typical of certain architectural styles.

Exclusive lights in the decor of the corridor

makes sense to choose the accessories that fit the design concept of the house, such as a recognizable element in the spirit of the loft, pop art, art Deko, country, and then, in addition to the utilitarian purpose, the hall will gain a certain charm.

the Accessories must harmonize with the overall style of the house

a Critical look at partition

Wall – not a wall, it can move. If the micro-hallway has a curtain wall separating the hallway and the room, part of it can be carried, and in the opening to embed the wardrobe or have a niche. Such an extension is justified if the corridor is disproportionately small compared to other rooms.

the Cupboard in a niche

Built-in wardrobe, definitely practical, but if the size of the apartment allows most of the top clothing store in a different location, you can stay on the elegant version of the hallway to make a niche to put in the couch (fully functional, with shelves for shoes under the lid), next to a narrow closet, or open storage, they are, by the way, in a big fashion. A large mirror in front and sconces on either side complete the design.

Organization vacation spot in a niche

it is Important to pick up the spectacular local lighting. A well-lit area becomes welcoming and, in addition, the streams of light in this case act as a zoning tool.

long and Narrow: the project of the corridor of my dreams

the Narrow hallway, turning into a long corridor, in a greater degree characteristic for old buildings than for new buildings. Out of the past the romance of communal flats that spoil the idea of the design of long corridors. But once they were a Suite, decorating the mansions of the nobility and uniting living rooms, offices, dining facilities in a single architectural ensemble.

the Narrow corridor in the apartment

the problems faced by the owners of the narrow corridor from the front door? Width of 1-1. 2 meters, it would seem, leaves no chance to make a comfortable place for changing shoes, storing street clothes, meeting guests. However, if you have the opportunity to "borrow" 60 cm from one of the adjacent rooms and built in wardrobe task can be considered half solved. If no – then you need to use wall space.

a closet for a narrow corridor

Custom furniture narrow

I Must say thanks to the furniture manufacturers – contemporary Shoe cabinets with a depth of 20 cm fit perfectly into the design of a narrow hallway. At the same time they can serve as a shelf for small items and a stand for the mirror. Function sofa copes narrow bench or seat, on which is usually placed outdoor hanger – hooks or multi-tiered console for a coat hanger. You can order a non-standard depth cabinets, with sliding doors.

Modern Shoe Cabinet a perfect fit in an interior hallway

Zoning: detachable area hallway

Usually in such apartments interior corridor difficult to pinpoint the border between the corridor and the hall itself. The easiest thing to lay at the threshold of the carpet or short carpet. If the flooring selected stone, granite or ceramic, you can put him on the "carpet" mosaic or decorative items, this fashionable, new ways welcome.

the Bright mosaic on the floor of the corridor

Finally, the floor area allocated for conditionally dirty area, can be covered in a different coating than the rest of the corridor. From the point of view of aesthetics, this is a controversial option, but successful projects hallways show that in this case, it is possible to perfect expressive solution.

the Suite of rooms in a long corridor

When the design of an apartment decorated in the spirit of the English classics or allow the patina of antiquity, the disadvantages too of a long corridor easily turn into advantages. Enfilade of arches or rectangular portals – a classic that allows you to create a noble future.

the Enfilade corridor in classic style

In the form of portals decorate the doorways at both ends of the corridor, and in the middle part it is divided by semi-columns and/or imitation of the arches. Such zoning is very impressive looks in the photo, it makes the room cozier, especially if the corridor opens many doors.

the Bright arches and pilasters are relevant in the design of apartments, decorated not only in the pompous Baroque, but in one of the modern styles:

Mediterranean; art Deco; shabby chic; modern.

the Suite is seamlessly integrated into the modern design of the corridor

an Important role in the style of the rhythmic pattern of the Suite is given to the baseboards. Ideally, their profile and color must match with your chosen arches and columns. If the owners are not willing to white skirting – although this makes the design of the corridor and hallway air, romantic – they can pick up in tone to the flooring or wall finishes.

the Portals of dark wood, typical of apartments in the style of:

English classics; marine; Eastern (Japanese); ethnic; boho.

the Suite of rooms with portals, dark wood

For the decoration of the corridor in the English tradition, the designers suggest a dark hardwood floor, massive moldings, wood paneling. A purely British accent Wallpaper in the cage.

the Backlight enfilade – chandelier or sconce – must be installed in each span, then passing the room filled with light and air.

a Spacious entrance hall in a small apartment

The happy owners of a large entrance hall in a small apartment should know that its size can be sacrificed for more pressing needs. If the kitchen does not fit the fridge, or in the bedroom not enough space for a solid wardrobe, the solution suggests itself: try to use a useful area of the corridor.

the Built-in wardrobe

Sometimes the presence in the hallway of the dressing room is implied in the project. In this case, the builders leave the pocket on one of the sides of the door so that settlers built there wardrobe. It is obvious and very easy solution that helps raschlenitel apartment.

the Built-in wardrobe in the hallway

it is Difficult to distinguish the storage area in square hall. The allocation of the dressing room, the corridor takes on an l-shaped form, however it is possible to draw benefit: formed in the door area can accommodate a sofa and shelf for storing shoes, thereby isolating the "dirty zone" – women know how important it is.

Corner dressing room in the hallway

the design of the facades of the built-in wardrobe in large measure shapes the style of the whole corridor, but the most important is the equipment closet. Built-in modern storage systems provide many features that a sin to neglect them.

it is Necessary to share: to increase the kitchen

Sometimes in the apartment with a hallway of more than 8 m2 kitchen area does not exceed 5 m2, and this imbalance is forcing designers to find creative solutions.

If you have the option to remove a partition, it makes sense to extend the kitchen into the hallway and make her entrance, utilizing the space on both sides of the aisle.

it is Possible to increase the area of the kitchen through the corridor

One of the useful options of borrowing – the decision to cut part of the wall, if it is not load bearing, and formed from the kitchen niche to install the fridge, cupboard or the dishwasher. The ledge in the hallway you can hide in a closet or take the form of pilasters.

an Example of combining the kitchen with a corridor

Entrance hall in the brilliant apartments

In a large apartment, there are no secondary areas. Impressive size entrance hall and wide corridors are forced to think carefully about their design and to find original ways of decorating.

a Spacious entrance hall losing the features of auxiliary premises, if it is build like a cozy lounge. In this case, the focus is on sitting area, sofa or armchairs, and furniture to store clothing and footwear is either built-in or stressed impressive. Of course we can't forget about good lighting and large mirror.

Design a luxurious hallway hall

alternatively, it is possible to offer use of the hall as the lobby – beautifully decorated-free space. Note that this design assumes the presence of a dressing room.

the Organization walk in closet in the spacious hallway

style lobby allows the use of striking materials and techniques, for example:

figure parquet, flooring of granite with a large ornament or mosaic floor; columns, pilasters, arches, moldings; panels in the spirit of German or English classics; large chandeliers; stained glass; works of art as decor.

To a spacious hallway use spectacular finishing materials

the walls of the corridors are often used for display of author photos, home picture gallery or family photo. If the owners have a hobby relating to travel and collectible, the corridor can decorate glass Windows with exhibits of model cars, rare butterflies and exotic insects, ethnic ceramics and etc.

When designing the hallway to the large area the imagination of the designer is limited only by budget and, of course, the chosen architectural style, the aesthetics of which is revealed in its entirety in spacious rooms.

the design in the same style

the Main requirement for the design project of modern apartment is the choice of a certain style, signs of which are present in all areas including hallway.

hint at antiquity

In modern design is taken literally to quote the historical architectural styles. It is, rather, about borrowing, creating a certain atmosphere. To emphasize the traditions of antiquity, is light, transparent paint, white color, lots of light, characteristic elements – columns, arches, pylons. There are no strict rules to decorate the floor stone, but the bright plate marble will make the living room truly luxurious.

the Elements of antiquity in the design of the hall

In the corridor are particularly spectacular antique enfilade. Helps strengthen the rhythm wall and floor decor, paintings, vases, bas-reliefs.

entrance Hall in the art Deco style

Postmodern reconciled Palace styles with modernity, incorporating a rich décor and sophisticated architecture to the aesthetics of minimalism. Look great hallways, the staff were able to use elegant graphics and vintage art.

the Art Deco was built in stylized forms and a restrained palette, with an emphasis on cool beige and gray. The predominance of white, marked by black contours and the excess lighting makes you forget about the lack of Windows. Mirrors in carved frames, designer lamps, ceiling lights help to create in the hallway the illusion of airy open space.

entrance Hall in the style of art Deco

a Natural extension of the refined decor of the corridor will be the living room, the design of which will reveal new facets of the aesthetics of art.

Compelling classics

the Atmosphere of the apartment is designed in classic style, there is a threshold. Typical components of the classical design of the corridor and hallway are:

dark solid wood furniture; paints walls and trim.; the carpet or track; local lighting; a cozy sofa or chair.

the Classic entrance hall with a cosy couch

On a photo the hallways, decorated in the spirit of the English, German or Spanish classics, drew the attention of solid furniture. Ideally, you should use natural materials and noble breed of dark wood. However, manufacturers offer superior imitation wood structure that allows to realise classical canons in the decoration of the corridor and not to go beyond the allotted budget.

Captivating charm of Provence

There is a certain mystery in how willingly we succumb to the charm of the Provence style. He re-learn to appreciate the sun's light and simple and comfortable furniture, to see the beauty in old things that recall the family history. Perhaps the nostalgia on the family tradition makes return to its roots through the aesthetics of French Provence.

the Style of Provence in the decor of the hallway

In the design hallway and corridor use the same principles when decorating the living room or bedroom, but the task is complicated by the lack of natural light. In the hallway he replaces the light of the chandeliers and sconces, which is enhanced by the transparent palette used in the decoration of the walls and upholstery.

the Distinctive feature of the French country – abundance of elegant decor, starting with the typical Wallpaper with a floral print to the traditional accessories. Numerous gadgets is a feature of Provence. Sometimes they are very functional, the example of a clock written in the birdcage, but often – this is cute knick-knacks placed on a dresser or console table, called simply decorate life.

the Abundance of accessories – a distinctive feature of the style of Provence

In finishing, the emphasis is on natural, untouched, like time, texture – stone with natural split, rough plaster, light wooden furniture "hand made", in a special way aged.

the Industrial aesthetics of the loft

Making a hallway in loft apartment notable features: open floor plan does not involve partitions, so the question of tightness immediately removed from the agenda, but it becomes relevant zoning.

the Zoning in the hallway in the loft

the Overall style is consistent with the design of the room – high ceilings, concrete floors, old (or aged) masonry, rough rough plaster. Startling and recognizable elements of decoration, which always attract attention as the photo hallways, and loft apartments with:

open systems storage – racks, hooks; metal beams and pipes; the accents of red in the major accessories, paintings and furniture upholstery; contrast rough textures of the walls/floor with works of art; antique chair with bright expensive upholstery.

Hallway with open storage

Inner freedom pop art

the Corridors of the apartment-style pop art, remembered for the bold use of color. Impressed with the unusual color of the walls, bright posters, paintings in the power of Warhol's installations.

In the hallway pop art is not as important to the overall lighting as the lighting of the modern art, attributes of the subculture.

Bright hallway in style pop art

With the loft it is in common craving for open systems storage, loyalty to a rough finish and artistic experiments. Pop art design has minimal furniture requirements.

high-tech: brilliant perfectionism

Entrance, the most functional and sparkling clean, of course, is high-tech. The finish used high-quality plastic and stainless steel. Glossy surfaces of furniture reflect light in bright spotlights. Leather upholstery not only looks solid, but also very practical. A preference for closed systems of storage and built-in furniture. In this corridor it is easy to maintain perfect order.

a corridor at a high-tech style, choose closed storage

a Feature of the avant-garde style – the use of juicy neon colors. Particularly relevant colors:

lemon; purple; Bordeaux; olive; the contrast of white and anthracite, etc.

Color Bordeaux relevant to the style of hi-tech

the decor supports futuristic design high-tech: appropriate fancy metal hardware, mirrors in the form of portholes, led lighting. Opening the door, you find yourself in a spectacular entrance hall, light filled, uplifting.

simple or cheerful kitsch?

ideally, a unified style of interior design and furnishing must be traced in all areas. In this case, the hall announces its striking features, which are developed in the design of living room, bedroom, dining room.

If the kitchen, bedroom and children vary greatly in design, is a corridor combines them into an ensemble. It is sufficient to choose the color that is present in all rooms as the main or accent, and actively use it in the decoration of the hallway.

the Most popular and easily implemented option is to choose white doors, portals, arches and moldings that echo the abundance of white in the design of the apartment. Looks particularly impressive white Suite in a long corridor. The color may be different. Success is assured if the plinth "flows" to other areas of organizing space.

the Most effective it is possible to recognize the use of a common accent color in painting the walls. In the entryway and hallway this color can be a major that won't leave a doubt of the completeness of the design.

Photos of hallways and corridors, to the design which had a hand of professional designers, are for the millions of owners of apartments inspiration. Their own interpretation of the classical ideas can be bright and talented.

photo Gallery – design of the corridor Video

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