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Analysis Forex market on 8.05.2017

Portal Forex trader 07.05.2017 at 20:46

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Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 8.05.2017


On AUDUSD formed a pattern Pin-bar on the round 0.7400. Bearing the pattern is not significant, but will likely start a correction in the area of 0.7500 in level and trend line. Buy here do not consider, as they are against the trend.


On a pair GBPUSD also formed a Pin bar at the resistance level of 1,48815. Same here waiting for correction after a long period of growth and then continuation of the up trend. Sales against the trend, so trades for the pattern are not considered.


On a pair of USDCAD formed a pattern of Absorption from level 1,38000. And again, sale's against the trend. Waiting for the correction to the area 1,36000-1,35500 then I will look for signals to buy.

Open orders big banks

Changes for 5.05.2017 Morgan Stanley changed SL with 0,7760 on 0,7570 on sale for AUD/USD with SL 0,7540 UOB changed with 1,0850 on the 1.0900 in buying EUR/USD from 1.0900 TD Bank placed a Sell Stop on USD/CAD with of 1.3700, TP – 1.3200 levels,

SL 1.3950 Credit Suisse changed the Sell Limit on EUR/GBP. Sign in with 0,8556 on 0,8592, TR with 0,8315 on 0,8405, SL 0,8595 on 0,8608 Credit Suisse has changed the Buy Limit on EUR/JPY. Sign in with 121,60 on 123,01,

TR with 123,90 on 126,40 SL with 123,60 of 122.00 on Credit Suisse placed a Sell Limit on NZD/USD with 0,6900, TR – 0,6720,

SL – 0.6975 Credit Suisse has placed a Sell Limit on AUD/USD with 0,7430, TR – rallies around 0.7300,

SL – 0.7465 Credit Suisse has opened a Sell on USD/CHF with 0,9890, TR – 0,9719, SL – 0.9958 Credit Suisse has changed the Buy Limit on USD/JPY. Entrance from 111,60 on of 112.00,

TR – 113,40 on 115,30, SL 110,80 on 111,40 Credit Suisse has changed the Buy Limit on EUR/USD. Entrance from 1.0790 for on 1,0921,

SL 1,0710 on 1,0851 Deutsche Bank changed 1,3600 with SL at 1.3650 in buying USD/CAD from Credit Suisse USD 1.3300 triggering a Sell Limit on NZD/USD with 0,6900 TD Bank triggered a Sell Stop on USD/CAD with 1,3700 Credit Agricole placed a Buy Limit on EUR/GBP with 0,8470, TR – 0,8900,

SL 0.8300 Credit Agricole triggered a Buy Limit on EUR/GBP with SL 0,8470 Citi changed with 1,0500 on 1,0795 in buying EUR/USD with 1,0795 Deutsche Bank TR worked in buying USD/CAD and USD 1.3300 at 1,3650. Profit +350pp Nomura put SL on the barrier of 1.0650 in buying EUR/USD with 1,0845 Fundamental analysis APR

futures indices US stocks rose after the victory of centrist candidate in the presidential election in France, which indicates that the S&P 500 index may advance to record levels today.

Earlier on Friday, the S&P 500 index set a record closing levels, after shares of the energy sector rebounded along with oil prices, the government reported that jobs growth in the U.S. resumed in April. The widest index of MSCI in the region, added 0.8%, interrupting a three-day string of defeats. The Japanese Nikkei rose 2.3% to a 1-1/2 year highs.

Growing risk appetite supported the uptrend in USDJPY to 7-week high of 113.14. Political risks in Europe remain one of the main themes of the market, but looks like there are political risks recede, while the conflict between the US and North Korea continues to grow


the European currency weakened against the U.S. dollar, having met with strong resistance levels after prolonged growth, but an outstanding victory Makron brought comfort to investors and European allies, who were concerned about the risks of another populist revolution, as in the UK.

European shares was adjusted to further progress, and the CAC strengthened by 0.8 percent, Germany's DAX down 0.4%, while Britain's FTSE rose 0.3%. Looking to the future we can say that the threat to European funds for this quarter, perhaps, retreated.

the EURUSD Rate rose to the level of 1.1024, the highest level in the last six months, before returning to 1.0984, which is 0.1% below the highest level last week. The single currency also reached an annual high of 124.58 against the JPY and CHF against five months.

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