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Vinnytsia - UFO Landing - 10.05.2017

UFOBUA - archive UFO Ukraine 13.05.2017 at 22:15

UFOBUA - national ufologicheskiy archive

10.05.17 23:40 - 23:50 went to smoke on the balcony (6th floor), which offers quite a good overview on a specified part of the city. Was spotted an object in the shape of an oval, which is strange trajectory, not typical nor any of the known types of aircraft or other man-made flying objects landed on earth. The oval glowed a bright orange color, the edges present a minimum (thin) envelope yellow glow. The speed was also atypical: the object flew very quickly. Later it was noticed the orange glow in the proposed landing site. Point dimly "lit up" about 8-10 minutes, then abruptly went out.

the description of the object is not as accurate as his observation lasted about seconds, and was observed by chance. Full trajectory it is difficult to assume, as at the time of detection it the object was flying almost parallel to the ground, gradually decreasing with great speed. The object was seen by me "taking off" from behind a tree. My location is about 5-7 miles from the scene of the alleged landing.

Source: anonymous letter in UFOBUA of may 11, 2017, 0:35:27

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