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Why Windows in aircraft round?

NEWS PLANET 18.05.2017 at 12:03

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Have You ever wondered why the Windows in airplanes round, and not, for example, square or rectangular? This is due to two tragic accidents that occurred in the 1950-ies.

the First of the accidents occurred on 10 January 1954. Belonging to the British line, the aircraft disintegrated in the air shortly after takeoff. He was flying from Rome to London, on Board was 35 people. Everyone died.

could not determine the cause of the accident. In the end it was recognized that the plane broke up at high altitude due to rapid decompression.

Following the disaster occurred three months later on April 8, 1954 - over the Mediterranean Sea. The plane, EN route from Rome, has also disintegrated in the air. On Board were 21 people, no one survived. The investigation revealed that all the fault was the window. During flights at high altitudes, square Windows with sharp corners couldn't handle the pressure.

Scientists conducted a series of studies and experiments and as a result has determined the best, reliable form for airplane Windows are round. Since then all aircraft have the round small window.