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Scientists have discovered a huge fast moving black hole

NEWS PLANET 19.05.2017 at 07:23

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Specialists discovered huge fast moving black hole located 3.9 billion light years from our planet. The hole is called CXO J101527.2 + 625911, weight 160 million times the mass of our sun.

Scientists believe that the hole started to move as a result of collision of two objects with each other, one of which bounced, began to move. Experts also note that the black hole was seen on the sidelines, which is not typical for black holes, which are usually located in the center of the galaxy.

Experts said that this happened due to the fact that the collision of gravitational field of the two holes acquired in the same direction and the gravitational field of the larger ones pushed out less.

the plans of scientists to address in more detail the moving hole, to be able to more accurately determine when and how it became to move.