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Pioneers please restore the monument to Pavlik Morozov in Moscow

Radio Liberty 19.05.2017 at 16:42

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a private, non-profit information service funded by the U.S. Congress, broadcasting to the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East and Russia.

Group members "Communists of Russia" took the initiative to restore the monument to Pavlik Morozov in Moscow. As reported by radio station "Moscow speaking", the query sent to the city hall, the Chairman of the Moscow pioneer organization Maxim suraykin. The monument to Pavlik Morozov was established in 1948 in Presnya on the personal initiative of Joseph Stalin. In 1991 it was demolished. In the Soviet era of Pavlik Morozov was hailed as a pioneer-hero who fought against the kulaks, and murdered in 1932 for what had informed the authorities about the anti-Soviet sentiments of his father and grandfather. In 1987 in the West, a book writer Yuri Druzhnikov "Informer 001, or the Ascension of Pavlik Morozov". Interviewing living witnesses, the author found that the whole story of Pavlik Morozov, the Soviet propaganda myth. In the same year, Druzhnikov was forced to emigrate from the Soviet Union to the West and died in the USA in 2008.