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In Yandex.A taxi came to visit a few places 19.05.2017 at 12:17

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Developers Yandex has launched a new feature in Yandex.Taxi. Updated version of the mobile application Yandex.Taxi for iOS and Android now make it possible to book a taxi through a complex route.

When you call the machine you just need the intermediate points that you want to call it, the application will build for the driver the optimum travel route, and the user will specify the total cost. The price that is reported by the application is final, it will not increase even if the path of any traffic jams or driver will be forced to deviate from the route.

the App allows you to add each trip to three intermediate points and to specify the order in which they should avoid. That is, one you can call the taxi for four people to pass each other at different locations.

the Application Yandex.Taxi for iOS and Android available in the App Store and Google Play.