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Autopilot for cars teaching driving game of the hijackers 19.05.2017 at 14:36

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Programmer Harrison Kinsley (Kinsley Harrison) under the name Sentdex has created a system of artificial intelligence Charles. Charlie belongs to the category of so-called convolutional neural networks and now "learns" the process of driving.

Kinsley went way above and beyond and instead of trying to test and train the autopilot in the real world, he started the process of deep machine learning in the game Grand Theft Auto V. moreover, the process is broadcasted to Twitch in real-time.

While Charles does not succeed in trouble-free driving and not too good at avoiding collisions with other cars, signs, dividers and people.

As noted by Kinsley, Charles is basing his actions by reading the data frame, decides on the basis of graphical images and "sees what the user sees". In other words, the UAV is acting as it would act, relying only on the performance of the cameras on real roads.

moreover, Kinsley is not yet programmed, "memory", and Charles still can't remember, instead, focuses on the adoption of instant solutions. In the future he plans to program the "short term memory" to improve the parameters vodeine.