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The Bank "Russian Standard" is the first credit card categories Classic and Gold instant issuance press releases 18.05.2017 at 09:00

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Bank "Russian Standard" announces the launch of the instant credit cards. Now clients of Bank can issue and immediately on the same day to get your hands on the Unembossed credit card category Classic or Gold in the Department.

When this card is already tied to the account, so it can be used immediately upon receipt. The card supports the same functionality as registered. You can also connect online and mobile banks and make transfers to pay for online purchases and building Owner a snapshot of the map can not only withdraw cash from the ATMs and pay with it in shops, restaurants, and use abroad. Technology instant issue card provides applying to them the name of the owner, making these cards more secure to use.

"In the modern world, time is valued more than all, men today want to obtain banking services as quickly as possible. Increasingly, we are faced with a situation where customers are not willing to wait to release the card a few days and want to get a credit card once — in a day. We have implemented the wishes of our customers, running the snapshot map", says Rostislav Yanykin, Executive Director of the credit-card business of the Bank "Russian Standard".

non-embossed credit card of the Bank "Russian Standard" is issued for a period of five years. At any time the client may apply to the Department to reissue a card: immediately-for a lack of plasticity or order a personalized card.

Credit card instant issuance, the Bank "Russian Standard", as well as registered, gives the opportunity to use the borrowed funds free of charge during the grace period is 55 days.

to Get this card in any branch of the Bank "Russian Standard" throughout Russia.