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Analysis Forex market on 22.05.2017

Portal Forex trader 21.05.2017 at 21:56

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Hello. Expected corrections and kickbacks happened, and almost all went on the trend. Let's see what is on tomorrow 22.05.2017


On a pair of long AUDCAD is moving near the level of 1,01000 forming a series of patterns Doji and Pin bar. It seems that we will continue the downward movement to the targets 0.9900 level. Consider there sales.

Open orders big banks

Changes for 19.05.2017 Morgan Stanley has placed a Buy Limit on EUR/USD with 1,1030, TR – 1,1800, SL 1.0800 Deutsche Bank otstupite buying on USD/CAD with 1,3635 at 1,3570. Loss-65pp Credit Suisse changed SL with 1,2759 on 1,2831 buying on GBP/USD with 1,2934 Credit Suisse has placed a Buy Limit on EUR/GBP with 0,8540, TR – 0,8731, SL 0.8490 Credit Suisse has opened a Buy on AUD/USD with 0,7435, TR – 0,7540, SL – 0.7380 Credit Suisse has placed a Sell Limit on USD/CHF with 0,9810, TR – 0,9720, SL – 0.9872 Credit Suisse has placed a Buy Limit on EUR/USD at 1.1000, SL – UOB Mar of 1.0924 work TR in a buy EUR/USD with 1,1085 at the 1.1200 level. Profit +115pp Nomura changed 1,0750 with SL at 1.0950 in buying EUR/USD with 1,0845 Fundamental analysis APR

Today the Asian stock indexes showed the biggest daily growth, following the growing demand for U.S. stocks, while the USD remains weak on the background of political instability in Washington that undermines economic growth prospects of the United States.

the Most comprehensive in the region's MSCI index, excluding Japanese companies ' stocks, rose 0.9%, where it was particularly supported by growing stocks in Australia and Hong Kong, and even despite new limits on Chinese real estate markets. Major indexes in wall street steadily grew, but nevertheless closed below its session highs, after the media started talking about the facts that may point to informal coordination between trump and Moscow.

USD vs JPY 111.40 after declined by almost 2% last week. The escalation of the investigation related to the relationship between the US and Russia is threatening to undermine the investment climate, and to divert attention from the economic agenda trump aimed at the improvement of the competitiveness of large American corporations. But at the same time, the U.S. indices are risking only a little to slow the growth, since a weak currency generally has a positive effect on the share of national exporters.


European stocks closed Friday's session with moderate-to-strong growth, despite the strengthening of the medium-term bullish trend on the EUR, helped by bearish comments from U.S. Federal reserve in relation to the prospects of increasing rates in June.

the Stoxx 600 Index closed with gain 0.60% to 391.51, where the German DAX added 0.39% to 12638.69, and Italy's FTSE Mibtel was the leader among the other major sovereign indices, an increase of 1.26% to 21567.52. Equity indices hold the rebound, but trading volumes remain reduced due to the ambiguous political prospects of the United States.

EUR / USD level 1.1212 against USD, rising by 0.98%, while futures for Brent rose by 1.80% to $53.47 per barrel. The consumer confidence index of the European Commission in may grew by 0.3 points to -3.3 in the forecasts -3.1. Also on the economic front, data can note the 0.4% increase in prices of German manufacturers in April, which allowed to exceed the forecasts for the annual rate (from 3.1 to 3.4, the forecast of 3.2%) that served as the driver for growth of the European currency.

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